Attack On Titan Season 3 Release Date 2018 Online

Attack On Titan Season 3 Release Date Online: Attack on titan is a world famous anime show that has been aired for two seasons till now. This show is pretty much popular across the globe and has sold more than millions of Manga copies as well. This show is based on the Manga of the same name, Attack on titan with so much more to explore. But before I start discussing about the shows next seasons and all, let me tell you that we will be knowing more about Attack on titan season 3 release date in this article.

Attack on titan season 1 was released in April, 2013 which brought huge hype to anime fans since this show was a combination of animations and amazing story. The story begins with a young boy named Eren Yeager who was living a happy life, but his life turns upside down. It is so because men eating human like titans have started to attack his city and kills his mother as well. He joins the army to kill titans, but in the rift of fight is devoured by a titan. But this is not the end because Eren comes back in the form of a titan fighting other titans to the fullest. Later the army uses his new found powers to take the win back from titans in the first place and save humanity.

Attack On Titan Season 3 Release Date 2018 Online

Attack On Titan Season 3 Story, Characters And More 2018

The second season of Attack on titan was really amazing because it had great story telling aspect and deep character development as well. Though there are not many fights in this season, but many secrets were revealed which made it interesting. But now the Attack on titan season 3 story is what we all are interested in. The season 2 ended with Eren with new found powers, while season 3 is going to have sea based story. While both the season took place on land, then season 3 of Attack on titan is going to be explored on sea and water.

Our main character from the season 2 will be seen in season 3 as well which includes Eren, Mikasa and Aramin the trio of the anime. The season 3 is expected to have at least 12 episodes but there is possibility that the show might get 24 or  25 episodes for a change.

Attack On Titan Season 3 Release Date 2018 – How To Stream Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 1 Online

The main question about Attack on titan season 3 release date is still unanswered which seems to be a big thing. But we already know that AOT has been announced for season 3 as well which is going to return in year 2018. And as for the release date, the last two seasons of this anime were released in April month only. So the season 3 of attack on titan will be released during April, 2018 but no exact premier date has been announced yet.

So the attack on titan season 3 premier date issue has been solved, but you might be wondering where can we watch this anime online? Well the answer is quite simple because we can always use Crunchyroll and Funimation services.


Well thanks for taking your time to read our article about Attack on titan season 3 release date along with the new season story, characters and more. The season 3 of attack on titan is on hype right now because the release date might not have been announced, but the show will air during April, 2018 for sure.

So make sure to visit this webpage time to time, since we will be updating more news and information regarding the release date of AOT very soon.

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