5 Best Podcast Apps For Android 2017

Best Podcast Apps for Android 2017: In this age of internet Podcast might not seem the very best way of collecting information. But it is a fine way of acquiring knowledge with the very least of distraction and making podcasts are easy as well.

Making a podcast on Desktop platform might seem hard and messy which requires tools like Microphone and a good podcast app. But here we are to discuss about 5 different podcast apps for Android that are really well made and can be used for recording good podcasts easily.

Many podcasting apps have been released in the market this era, but I am sure you might not have an idea to select the best one for yourself. There are different requirements that one should look into before downloading a podcast app for android 2017. But worry not we have gathered a list of 5 best working podcast apps for Android that are worth your time.

Best Podcast Apps For Android 2017

5 Best Podcast Apps For Android 2017

Let me not waste much of your time and start with the list of 5 best podcast apps for Android that work like charm. These listed podcasting apps for Android are really good and can be use for long term basis as well. So, get started and read the below list

  • Google Play Music

Google Play Music might be an old app but they have recently launched their podcasting service for free of cost. You can find different podcasts and even add good podcasts of yours as well, with much audience that can view and share your podcasts.

Being a Google product I really recommend this as the best podcast app and it comes with a great user platform that is easy to access. Making new podcasts and sharing them with the people in your industry has never been so easy.

  • Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts might not be a free podcasting app but it is considered to be one of the best paid podcast apps in the market. This app features a fully fledged podcast player that is really massive and using it seems similar to a music player.

Pocket Casts comes with an awesome podcast editing software where you can edit trim and save podcast easily. You can cut and add powerful playback music, stream the episodes as early as possible and can be used with Android Wear as well.

  • Podcast and Radio Addict

Are you a Podcast addict? Then you must really look into this app, Podcast and Radio Addict which is a free to download podcast app for Android.  The app player is comfortable to use and we find it pretty interesting to use but at the same time it is simple as well.  We can create our playlist with a list of massive podcasts that entertain you all day long and it’s up to you whether to add or remove.

We can connect this podcast app with any Android wear, Pebble, Chromecast, Android Auto to view podcast video and audio on any other device. The app interface is neatly designed and you will find it really easy to navigate when compared to other apps.

  • CastBox – Podcast Radio Music

Awarded one of the top trending apps and most entertaining apps of 2016 by Google Play, this podcast app is really a good choice. Some developer thought just a simple Podcast app isn’t really a thing, and he came up with CastBox which is a Podcast, Radio and Music streaming app which is the best podcast publishing solution.

It comes with unlimited bandwidth and storage, so you get space to host your podcasts and analytic to track them as well. There are more than 340,000+ podcasts content that we can stream and add to our playlist with more than 70,000+ radio stations. And all this for free of cost, which sums to a fine solution to me and I guess you can consider this as your favorite podcast app for Android 2017.

  • Podcast Republic

Fifth on our list is Podcast Republic which is a simple but high quality podcast streaming app which has more than 2 million downloads. Do you love listening to audio books and podcasts, then this app is for you. It consists of different charts and features like top charts where you can find top podcasts by different people.

You can even subscribe to different podcasters online and get daily notification whenever they release new content. We can also stream radio service for free with such customization features, I kind of like this app.


Now it is time for you to start recording your podcast using the best podcast app for Android 2017. I am sure you will install and download one of the above listed podcast apps for Android from the above list.

If you like to add any other famous podcast app on this guide, then please let us known in the comments section below. We respect your feedback and will get back to you very soon with a suitable answer.

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