3 Best Traffic Apps For Android 2017 Review

Best Traffic Apps For Android 2017: I know how bad it feels to be stuck in traffic for time together and it really takes a toll on me. But did you ever think it would be nice to have an app that could tell you which route has the least of traffic. Yes it would be absolutely amazing and there are some traffic apps for Android that work this way. Whenever you are stuck in traffic then you can make use of these traffic apps that will help you drive to your destination in no time.

If you are still wondering why a Traffic app would be useful in the long the run, then for an example consider yourself coming from a heavy work day. And at the end of the day you just want to go home and relax as fast as possible, but you get stuck in the traffic and your evening in spent making way to your home.

At such times traffic apps for Android work the best, because you can find ways and routes which have less traffic even before you reach a traffic jam. Such that you will always be able to predict the traffic movement using these traffic apps for Android easily. The best part about these apps is that they are available for Android OS, which is used by mostly everyone in the world. And these traffic apps can easily help us to reach our destination in the quickest time possible.

3 Best Traffic Apps For Android OS 2017 – Best Traffic Apps Review Online

Yes I know you might be wondering why just three traffic apps? I would answer that it is fine to have a list of 3 best traffic apps. When the 3 traffic apps we have are the finest in the online market place and have been used by millions around as well. So, we have choose the below listed 3 Traffic apps for Android 2017, that will help you drive quickly and away from traffic.

  • Google Maps – Get Real Time Traffic Reports

Google Maps was just a simple map viewing app and Internet interface but it has now grown to its full potential. We can make use of Google Maps to predict the traffic on the roads and using the map service by Google, it becomes way easier. You can drag the road which you want to drive on, check traffic and if it seems too busy then you can change the route by looking at the map.

Google Maps makes use of traffic data that is provided by local highway sensors, taxi fleets and mostly from the traffic data of people using Google Maps. Anyways this app can be downloaded for free of cost and you can start using it right away.

Google Maps – Get Real Time Traffic Reports
  • Waze – Best Traffic Dodging App For Android

Waze is another traffic app for Android that receives real time traffic reports from other users using the app. It has a very good mobile interface and users find it war easier to interact with in no time, we can see roads, maps with icons that look decent.

This app was on top of the best traffic apps for Android before Google Maps came up with a far more flexible and worldwide traffic reporting system. Though this app is second on our list it is one of the finest traffic dodging apps for Android and it can be downloaded for free of cost as well.

Waze features turn by turn voice directions which is very helpful when you are driving a car and cannot always peak at your phone. It features only driving routes which can be covered by cars and it has no cycle routes as a matter of fact. This app gives real time traffic reports which is same as of Google Maps, but it has no offline maps and we can add stops as well.

Waze – Best Traffic Dodging App For Android
  • INRIX Traffic App

INRIX is a cloud based computing application that is the same app used on luxury cars such as BMW and more. This app also uses real time traffic reports and makes route decisions, lets the user know which route is the best to be taken. You can set up your destination and INRIX will calculate the time it will take to reach your destination with the least traffic around.

Yes, even this app has an eloquent interface that we Android users can find handy it easy to use as well. It comes with good traffic maps along with routes and alerts too.

INRIX Traffic App


Now go to play store and start downloading the best traffic app for Android 2017, from the list of apps we’ve mentioned above. You will face no problem while using these apps as they have a very simple user interface and proper navigation as well.  After this you can find roads that are empty and drive through them easily and quickly to your home or office in time every day.

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