Blend S Season 2 Release Date, Story 2018 Online

Blend S Season 2 Release Date: Blend S anime began in 2017 year and it really piqued interest of Anime fans over the globe. At the same time this show received numerous appreciations for the creative storyline with great characters at the centre of it. At the same time the Manga is still continuing which great news is for fans because more seasons can be produced easily.

Blend S anime is about a high school girl Maika  Sakuranomiya who is a very cheerful person and loves to help others. She belongs to a traditional Japanese family and she dreams to study abroad by doing part time jobs. But the twist is she maybe a cheerful person but she has a smile with a sadistic look that can scare anyone.  At the end of the day she finds a job in a Cafe nearby station which is run by an Italian man. Dino runs the Cafe Stile where all the female employees are given different traits that they have to behave with customers.

Another twist is that all employees are given tsundere, sadistic or harsh traits that make this cafe special. Even the customers love the way they are treated with those traits so it is a win situation. But at the end of the day Maika finds herself a part time job that does bit require her to stress out hurting others with her smirky smile. Well do you think that things would end here because if you think so then it is going to be a lot of fun while you watch the Blend S Anime.

Blend S Season 2 Release Date, Story 2018 Online

Is Blend S Season 2 Confirmed? – Blend S Season 2 Story and More 2018

Since the job requires her to act with a sadistic trait Maika fears that she might hurt other customers which she does all the time. But at the same time her ways of not scaring people with her smile gets the better of her all the time. That is in the rush of serving customers she acts in sadistic manner required by the job and sometimes she does better as well.

She is aided with two more of her colleagues who are Kaho hinata and Mafuyu hoshikawa. Kaho hinata is a 17 year old girl who loves to play games and is the most popular waitress in the Cafe. She plays tsundere character which she forgets when customers talk about games and she join in them in excitation. Mafuyu hoshikawa is 21 years old waitress who looks like a child due to her looks but she is actually mature and rarely expresses her feelings to others. Due to her child like face and small height she plays the character of young sister. Well this trio of waitresses makes the Cafe Stile a wonder for customers who like the environment of the Cafe and the way they are treated.

Blend S Season 2 Release Date with Episode List Online

The Blend S Season 1 similar to most of the new animes has 12 episodes that consisted of 24 minutes per episode. As we already know that the web Manga from which this anime was adapted is still on continuation. And the creation of season 1 needed or used only first few volumes from the total of 10 volumes. Now if the season 2 is to be announced that it might contain last five volumes that are released till date.

At the same time since the Manga is on going the few more volumes may be added to the web series. So At the end more episodes can be added because of more stories in the Blend S web Manga. Still there has been no confirmation but I think that making a third season with other volumes would be better since fans would like it this way other the making season 2 large.


The second season of Blend S anime will talk more about each character and their life around the Cafe Stile. We do not know whether Maika is still aware of how Dino feels for her and we may see a relationship between the two of them.

We are not entirely sure when the Blend S Season 2 may be released but it might get a second season for sure. But if I were to tell when the second season may be released then it might be released during summer 2018.

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