How To Change Xbox One DNS Settings 2017 – Change Xbox One IPV4 Address

Xbox One DNS Settings: Xbox One gaming console my Microsoft is one of the most influential products in the market right now. It is priced at reliable cost which makes gamers a feast as they can purchase a high end gaming console for less. But every gaming console or high end tech product have some errors and even Xbox One system errors are present. And today we are going to discuss about one such Xbox One system error which is Xbox One DNS settings problem.

So few days back I was having a chat with my friend and he was pretty much confused on how you can change the DNS settings. And I thought it could be a serious problem with other Xbox One and 360 users as well. Then I started looking for guides on how I could change my Xbox one DNS settings and IP address. But there were very few guides and most of them were not understandable indeed and this is why I wrote this guide.

So if you are wondering what is a DNS? Then worry not it means “Networking” in simple terms and we call it Wi-Fi or Data connection. Now if you want me to explain more about this error, then it can be called as Xbox One connection lost issue. In this issue we are not able to connect to the available Internet connection and other networks. So, due to this error we cannot use Xbox Live and play game in multi-player mode which is a bad thing for gamers.

Xbox One DNS Settings Won’t Change Problem – How to change Xbox One DNS Settings 2017

Now before we get into the actual guide on how to change the Xbox One console DNS settings. Some users have complained that the DNS settings won’t change which seems to be a problem for newbie users. But if you are thinking that finding Xbox IP address from computer would help you change the dns IP address then it is wrong. The issue were are talking here is on why the DNS settings wont’ change and this causes serious online issue while using Xbox One console.

So to be precise, this is a simple error which can be resolved by restarting the game console once. But if the error still persist then I would recommend you to update your Xbox One console either offline or online.

How To Change Xbox One DNS Settings 2017 – Change Xbox One IPV4 Address

So the quick fix to this Xbox One networking lost and cannot be connected issue is quite simple and you can follow it down below.

  • First you have to go to “Settings” section and then click on “All settings”
  • Now go to “Networks” and then select “Network settings” from there
  • Then click on “Setup wireless network” and select the Wi-Fi connection
  • Finally you have connected your Xbox One to the available network!

Or else

  • Go to Network > Advanced Settings > Manual
How To Change Xbox One DNS Settings 2017 – Change Xbox One IPV4 Address
  • And then enter these two Primary DNS and Secondary DNS
  • Then click on B button to save and do a quick restart and then start using the console!


Finally you can now easily change the Xbox One DNS settings and start running your game console perfect as always. Well most of the times this error on Xbox One is caused due to new updates being installed. But at the end of the day we now have an idea on how you can change the Xbox One DNS settings in quick time.

Well if you have any other problem or question related to Xbox One system errors, then please let us know them in the below comments section.

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