How to Clear Cache on Mac OS X

How to Clear Cache on Mac OS X: Are you trying to clean the Cache on Mac OS X, and then these are the correct place you have landed. Yes we have got few correct procedures that will guide you to clean the cache from Mac OS X. clean the user cache, user cache which includes app cache and dens cache, browser cache. So get ready to bring back your speed on Mac by removing all unwanted stuff. If you don’t keep on cleaning the cache than your device will become slow and at times it won’t respond for some programs. So make sure you have clean device with no unwanted and unnecessary cache stuff.

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How to Clean Cache Mac OS X

How to Clean Clean On Mac OS X:

We will be disusing to clean cache on Mac OS X in threw different methods. This methods will work manually or using the Mac utility. It depends on you to choose which option is good for you. Get the below given steps in your mind and apply them in your Mac OS X to clean Cache.

Clean Cache Mac OS X Using the Mac Utility:

In this methods you just need to download the utility and it will automatically run the cache clean process.

How to Clean Cache Mac OS X
  • Firstly download the CleanMyMac 3 for Free using the safari browser
  • Install this Mac Utility and then select the System Junk
  • Click on Scan and then once the scan is done wait for a while
  • Now click on clean button to clear everything

That’s it! You have cleared the Mac Cache using the Mac Utility automatically.

Clean Cache on Mac OS Manually:

Here is the process which will clean Cache on Mac OS the cache manually and will require few steps to be done correctly.

  • Firstly open the Finder Windows and then Select Go to Folder from the menu
  • Now type ~/Library/Caches and click to find this folder
  • Then view every folder and clean the cache manually
  • You need to go into the folder and clean it but not whole folder itself
  • Now repeat the same process by finding /Library/Caches
  • Then click on Trash icon and then empty the Trash
  • This will remove the junk files from your device completely
  • So this method will remove entire cache from your device by clearing it manually.

Clean Cache on Mac OS Safari Browser:

At times most cache will be added due to the Safari browser, which must be clean regularly but we won’t take that to instance. So proceed with below steps and clean the cache from your browser.

How to Clean Cache Mac OS X
  • Open the Browser and select the Settings button
  • Go to history option and then find the clean browsing history option
  • Tap on It and check mark on cache option to clean it
  • Click on clean browsing history and wait for a while

Your Safari browser cache and old history which is slowing down the web browser is now clean.

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Cleaning the cache regularly will make your device health good and let you perform more tasks. So now clean cache on Mac OS X has been done and now you can enjoy a free good device. If you have any doubt in this article you can ask them in the below comment section.

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