Clockwork Planet Season 2 Release Date, Story 2018

Clockwork Planet Season 2: So the Clockwork Planet season 1 started with the introduction of a black box on the house of Naoto Miura who is a high school dropout. Well in this world the earth is reconstructed by a single engineer who made different models to help the earth full of gears work properly. The black box fall in his house which had female automation RyuZU and the duo formed alliance together. Later in the show we see that they form alliance with Marie and AnchoR to stop the world from collapsing. In this article we will learn about the Clockwork Planet season 2 release date along with more story details added to it.

This anime is adapted from the light novel and Manga of the same name, Clockwork Planet which is one of the popular light novels of all time. It was first announced during 2016 but the show was delayed for some reason but it was released in 2017. The first season of this anime was really good because we saw that the main character is different and has a gist for finding faults in gears which makes his at the core. The show was really impressive for the 12 episodes that were released during last year but some users found that the show was very little.

Clockwork Planet Season 2 Release Date, Story 2018

Clockwork Planet Season 2 Anime Story, Characters 2018

Well not much information has been released till now but we are sure that the second season will contain more destruction to different cities of the world. And our main character with the help of RyuZU and AnchoR has to stop them at all costs. News has been spread that a new female automation is going to be released in this new season which we will reveal soon when the news is released. We are surely going to see some amazing fight scenes from this show now that we have both RyuZU and AnchoR working together. But some fans were wondering that they want to see some romance or relationship between Naoto and Marie.

Clockwork Planet Season 2 Release Date 2018 – Clockwork Planet Season 2 Stream Online

So let me tell you that the second season of Clockwork Planet has been confirmed which means this show will be released very soon. Well fans were wondering that the second season might not be released but there are many light novel volumes left which are going to be used for creating the second season. So the second season will be released during summer 2018 anime season but if the show is delayed. Then the show will be released during spring 2019 anime season for 12 episodes because we have only some volumes left.

At the same time the show will also be released in English dubbed language which will be distributed by Funimation studio. This show will contain 12 episodes with 24 minutes per episode running time and the studio Xebex has produced it. When it comes to the online streaming we can watch it online from Funimation, Crunchyroll online streaming service when it is released.


So this show is going to be released very soon and it might even be released during the summer 2018 season but if not then it will be released in 2019. So all the fans that are wondering about the Clockwork Planet season 2 release date can rest assured since the second season is confirmed.

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