How to Delete Spotify Account Permanently 2017

How to delete Spotify Account: Spotify is one of the world’s largest music streaming service with more than 50 million users who pay for their service. Well it was started around 11 years ago on 23 April, 2006 and since then their service not only shares music but videos and podcasts as well. It is also a freemium service which means we can listen to music and all, but it all comes down to premium account and free doesn’t work that well though.

In this how to article we will be going through the process by which we can cancel or delete Spotify account easily. Well if you are considering why would someone want to delete a music streaming service account? Then there are quite a few reasons and most common one would be they might find some other service intriguing and well performed as well. In this modern world spending money of something is people never want to do and this can also be the reason because we can find the same music on YouTube as well.

But everyone has their own reasons to cancel or either to delete Spotify account permanently for good and I guess you have one too. If you don’t want the Spotify cut $10-$20 every month just for music, then you can start reading the below topic wisely.

How to Delete Spotify Account Permanently 2017

Find out How to Delete Spotify Account Permanently 2017

Now enough with the needless chatter about the Spotify service and let us get down to the main topic on how to delete Spotify account easily. Well if you already have subscribed for any of the Spotify premium account services then you can follow the below guide. But if you are still on the free version, then you can also follow the below guide before you are credited after the trail pack is completed.

How to Delete Spotify Account Permanently 2017
  • First we have to open Spotify official website on our browser
  • After that browse down to the bottom of the webpage and select “About” option
  • Then under “Customer Service and Support” page click on “Contact Us” page
  • Next you will be asked to login with your current Spotify account details
  • Once login is completed, select “Account” under the next page
  • Then select and click on “I want to close my Spotify account permanently”
  • Finally click on “CLOSE ACCOUNT” and you have now deleted Spotify account!

Spotify Alternative

Well if you are going to delete your Spotify account then it might be the best thing to find some other alternative service to watch and listen to free music as well.

  • Pandora

Pandora the world’s largest radio service app that is now more of music service but well no one cares if we get to find good music and all. You can consider Pandora the best alternative to Spotify in terms of large scale of music database that keeps on expanding.

  • YouTube

Well if you ever wonder about finding free music, then you certainly have to rank YouTube on the list as well. It is one of the best video web search engine in the worlds, where we can find tons of new and old music all together in one spot.


Well this was the guide on how you can simple delete Spotify account and I guess now you will be able to get rid of this service for good. In my view Spotify is a good service to listen to music, but they have huge restrictions that can only be overcome by paying for premium account and it is bad. So, I guess you will be making a good decision by cancelling your Spotify account for good.

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