Download AirShou For IOS iPhone/iPad And Android

AirShou Screen Recorder: We have so many reasons to record our screen and believe me AirShou screen recorder is one of the best screen recording apps in the market. There might be many screens recording software in the market but AirShou is still the best out of all. The best part of this app is it lets you to record your screen in HD or FullHD mode, while your device still performs at its best.

To put it in simple terms, most of the screen recording apps interference with your device performance and make it lag around. But this doesn’t happen with AirShou because it is a far more better and convenient to use app. Well this app comes with different features that you might be interested to know and more importantly how it works would be wondering you. So, keep on reading this guide and you will understand it why we call AirShou the best iphone screen recording app.

I have been using AirShou on my iPhone for a long time now but when I first started using it I found no guides to download this app. Even thought using AirShou or downloading it is simple, but it was way too complex for me and this is the reasons why I decided to write this guide. So this guide will be an ultimate tutorial on how to use AirShou and download it for Android & IOS platform without any problem.

Download AirShou For IOS And Android OS

AirShou App Features

AirShou for IOS and Android comes with the similar features, so it is easy for me to create a list of different features this app has to offer.

  • We can record our screen in HD and Full HD modes
  • You can decide to save the output or record in different video quality
  • Change the orientation from landscape to portrait or vice versa
  • Different bitrates are available to select from such as 8, 16, 32 and more
  • One touch feature to start recording and one click to stop as well
  • You can even record your face using front camera or back camera
  • Wonderful while recording gameplay videos on iPhone and Android devices
  • It can capture sound from Mic and mix it with the recorder video

And these were some of the important features that we can make use of every day while using AirShou recorder.

How to Record using AirShou Screen Recorder

Now comes the integral part of this post where you will find the steps to record and stop AirShou app. The only reasons why you want to download AirShou at first place is to record game play and more. So, you will have to understand that it is pretty simple to use and with a little UI of click to record, screen make it way easier.

  • Once you have installed the AirShou App on your device, run it and open the app
  • On the home page of the app, click on Record button to start recording
  • Once you are done with the recording, open the app again and click on Stop button
  • Simple and once you’ve clicked on stop button; your recorded video will be saved automatically

How to Download AirShou Screen Recorder For Android OS 2017

You might know this but let me tell you again that AirShou was first released for IOS platform and later it was released for Android OS as well. Even though this app works fine and can record your screen or camera to the finest of its level. And this is what makes AirShou app one of the best screen recording apps for Android platform.

  • The first thing we are going to do is to open Google Play Store
  • Now search for AirShou and select the app from the list of apps sown
  • Next you have to click on the install button and wait as the app begins to download
  • Once it is done with download, the app will begin to install and it might take a little bit of time
  • But just after a few minutes we can find AirShou app to be installed successfully!

Download AirShou For IOS iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

There are some myths that we cannot download AirShou for IOS without jailbreak and my answer is that it’s all wrong. You can download and install AirShou for IOS iPhone or iPad device without any jailbreak or what so ever. So, need to be worried if you haven’t jailbroken your IOS device, and simply follow my below steps.

Download AirShou For IOS iPhone iPad Without Jailbreak
  • So you need to open your iPhone or iPad device
  • Next run safari browser on the phone and go to this webpage here
  • Now on the top right corner, click on Install button and a popup will appear
  • Click on install button and wait for the app to be installed automatically
  • Once the installation is done we can find that AirShou is installed without jailbreak

And this is how you can simply download AirShou screen recorder for iPhone or iPad devices without jailbreaking.


Now you have a perfect idea on how to use AirShou screen recorder on IOS and Android OS, so simply download the app from above. And start recording your screen with a just of click and to be frank you will find it far more easy to use as well.

AirShou screen recorder for IOS and Android is a great tool and using it will work great for you too, but if you still have any doubt then let me know it in the below comments section.

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