Download AppCake For IOS 10.1.1 iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

Download AppCake For IOS without Jailbreak: IOS platform is really massive with more than millions of users who own iPhone and iPad devices running on IOS 10 and more. We all tend to find apps and games that make use entertain and most of them are paid. So, some IOS developers released AppCake for IOS 10.1.1 which can be installed without jailbreak on iPhone and iPad devices. Well the app we are talking about is an awesome one which allows IOS users to download even the paid games and apps for free.

AppCake Repo is one of the best apps that have been released for iPad or iPhone users, because we can download games and all for free. Most of the times we had to pay a lot of bucks around which is bad but this app do the magic for you.

So we thought it would be a perfect thing in order to explain in detail on how to download AppCake for IOS without jailbreak. In this way you can simply read the below article where I have explained in detail on the steps to install AppCake jailbreak.

Download AppCake For IOS 10.1.1 iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

Note: This article is just for educational purpose and I advise users to install or select any app or game on their own intentions. I advise all the users to try apps and games of any kind, but later support the developer and team efforts as well.

AppCake Cydia Tweak Features

I am sure you might be wondering to know what this app or Cydia tweak has to offer to you. So, I’ve decided to post some features and explain this app’s working.

It is free to download, which makes it more than better to use while most of the alternative are paid and are worse than it

Lots of games and apps, the list is large and you would never be satisfied after looking how many of those you can download and install

If you have non jailbreak devices then you can install their premium app IPASTORE.

How to Download AppCake For IOS 10.1.1 iPhone/iPad Jailbreak – AppCake Cydia Repo Source

So the simplest way to install the app AppCake is to use the Cydia repo source and add it on your Cydia app. The first thing you need to do is open your iPhone or iPad device and make sure it has Cydia installed.

Download AppCake For IOS 10.1.1
  • Now open your Cydia app and then click on “Add” button to the top left side
  • Next enter or paste the Cydia repo source “”
  • Then click on the Add source button and click on “Add Anyway” button in next popup
  • After that the AppCake Cydia tweak will be added to your list of Cydia sources
  • Now find and select AppCake package, click on Install button and confirm
  • Finally you have now installed App Cake for iPhone devices!


Well thanks for reading this guide about on how to download and install AppCake for IOS 10.1.1 without jailbreak. Now you can easily download AppCake for iPhone and iPad devices without jailbreak in no time. If you have any kind of doubt or questions then let me know it in the below comments section and we will answer them very soon.

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