Download Careem App For Android/IOS – Careem Review 2017

Careem Review: Careem is a vastly growing transport service based on Apps just like Uber and Ola, and it is growing massively indeed. Since its release back in 2012, the past 4 years has been excellent for a new car transporting service to battle with the top ones like Uber and more. Careem released their app for both Android and IOS platform, obviously the app is free to download. Similar to any cab hailing service, you are charged for the destination or journey accordingly.  It has become popular in the Asian and Middle East, when compared to Uber which serves worldwide and mostly in top tier countries as well.

In this review about Careem App we are going to show you how to download Careem apk for Android and also for IOS platform. We will show you some of the features and the reasons why we advise you to have a look over this service. This app might be new to some but in fact their service is well esteemed and their driver services are of good quality as well.

Download Careem App For Android/IOS – Careem Review

Careem App Review 2017

Though Careem was started by a group of 3 as a website based corporate cab hailing service, it soon began to expand to mobile version as well. As we all know mobile apps are far more reliable and the easiest means of hiring any cab or taxi, following Uber path, Careem expanded to mobile as well. I have found a myth about startups based in Arbaic countries, that they have least of funding or growth. But to be fact Careem founded in Dubia has got around $421.7 million up to date which is pretty huge and it soon will reach a billion. But keeping the financial facts aside, this ride service is said to be really safe and secure, the drivers are allotted their details.

So this means that every ride that has been driven is computerized and can be used if something were to happen.  You can select to book a ride right now or book it for sometime later which can be used a scheduled booking. Well go the maps, select which area you want to reach and order a ride to be at our doorstep for schedule booking or right now. Once you have checked the location, you can either pay by cash, credit card as well. The app is comfortable to use and to be frank I found the navigation simple too. Being used to Uber like app, I can find Careem much similar in the UI platform and I guess you would feel the same.

Download Careem App For Android – Install Careem App For IOS iPhone/iPad

Since we have reviewed the Careem app and you now are pretty well aware of this apps working. Then why not install it for your Android or IOS device and start using their service. Well every one of you knows how to install apps from Google Play Store for Android and IOS as well. So, I have linked the official download links for different OS below.

Careem For Android

Careem For IOS

Once you have installed Careem App you can book rides at reasonable cost and reach your destination in time. Schedule booking makes it easier with two different payment options such as Cash and Credit card as well.


Now Careem transport service is being served worldwide and this means they have a huge growth as well. So, if you are driver or someone who want to pick up a ride, then just install the Careem app and get started.

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