Download Cydia Eraser For iOS 10.2.1 iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

Cydia Eraser for IOS: Do you want to un-jailbreak your iPhone device? Well then you might be interested in using Cydia eraser tweak. Jailbreak is a common thing which most of the IOS users perform in order to use hidden features and apps. There are different jailbreak released by different users and the one, yalu102 jailbreak is one of the widely used one online. The best part about this tool is that you will be able to uninstall the jailbreak from the same firmware IOS. Such that once the jailbreak is undone you don’t have to go with the latest non-jailbreak version. You are able to select to remove jailbreak, from this option you will be able to erase all previous tweaks and regain all features from scratch.

Cydia eraser was first known as Cydia impactor, you all know how effective this tool can be in order to erase the jailbreak on your IOS device. Well you can use iTunes to undo the jailbreak but it will limit your future plan to jailbreak anymore. But Cydia eraser gives you and feature where you can undo the jailbreak from your device and it does not require iTunes help as well. But if you use iTunes your device will be put on to the latest IOS version and jailbreak might not be possible.

Another good part about this tool is that we don’t have to connect to computer and all work can be done via your iPhone directly. It is to be noted that Cydia eraser is an tool that will wipe all data, which means before proceeding you need to backup all your data and files.

Download Cydia Eraser For iOS 10.2.1 iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

Is Cydia eraser tool useful?

Are wondering that whether this tool is really helpful in order to un-jailbreak an iPhone or iPad device? Then yes the feature of Cydia eraser is that you will be able to wipe all the previous data from your iPhone and set it to scratch. Such that if you have used jailbreak on your iPhone previously, but now you can start over from scratch such that you will now be able to regain the stock mode of your phone.

As a matter of fact this tool is one of the most effective one indeed, such that you can control either to remove the jailbreak in no time. As we already know that Apple has strict rules that jailbreak IOS devices are not eligible for warranty. It means that you cannot gain benefit if you are device needs any repair that is because the warranty is not eligible any more. But if you find yourself in a situation where you need to repair your device through Apple service, then you can use this tool to set your device like stock one.

How to download Cydia Eraser for IOS 10.2.1 – Cydia Eraser without jailbreak for iPhone/iPad

Now you might be wondering why would I download Cydia eraser for IOS OS? So I have posted the step by step procedure that will help you. Make sure you have already back up all your data, files and at the same time your phone must have charging more than 50%.

Download Cydia Eraser For iOS 10.2.1
  • First you have to open your Cydia app
  • Then search “Cydia eraser” and then download it
  • Next the app will be installed and Cydia eraser tweak is running
  • Open the tweak and click on “erase all data, unjailbreak device” option
  • A new popup message will appear, click on “Delete all” button
  • Now the tweak is going to unjailbreak your device and might take a bit of time
  • Once the process is done, your iPhone screen will show Hello!


Cydia eraser tweak is really helpful to those IOS users who want to remove jailbreak from their IOS device. This Cydia tweak is free which the finest feature is and at the same time we get to remove and undo the jailbreak.

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