Download Facebook Flash Apk For Android OS 2017

Facebook Flash App Download: Facebook has recently released their latest app for mobile platform, which is Facebook Flash an amazing picture and text sharing application. This new app is not meant to be light weight when compared to Facebook Light app, but it does bring good features. The important part about this app is that we can send selfies, pictures with cartoon drawing with them which makes sharing even funnier.

Well rumors are that Facebook has borrowed the disappearing message feature from Snapchat which is true, as the new Flash app from Facebook has this feature. But as far as I think this new app is really good though it might have a different look than Facebook Messenger and Light apps. I prefer this new app look because it has a great design at the same time the new features are really good.

Facebook Flash app allows you to take pictures, selfies and video with just one click which makes it easy to capture selfies and it makes capturing moments like this easier. I guess you already know that this app has disappearing feature which makes your message disappear when the recipient receives it. You can add funny and interesting masks to your face and pictures to make them funnier. And sharing pictures is easy, because you can find your previous histories or previous friends who have messaged or texted you recently.

Download Facebook Flash Apk For Android OS 2017

Facebook Flash App Feature 2017

Facebook as a network is one of the most popular one in the social media industry with millions of every day active users. As you already know about the Facebook Flash app which is not just a chat or texting app but it is more of a picture based app if you ask me. It is a combination of great user interface where users can not just send messages, but take selfies and do send them with editing options as well. So before you go on and learn how to download this app, I would like to share some of this app features below.

So the important feature that this app offers is that the disappearing messages where you can send messages which include text and messages which will disappear. Another good feature is that the option to add funny masks to your selfie picture which makes these pictures cute and kind of funny as well. In this way you won’t just be sending simple picture but having fun moments with your friends and family. Next the simplest feature is you can text message to friends and family which is a must to have feature as we all know.

How To Download Facebook Flash Apk For Android OS 2017

Facebook Flash is a new way of texting friends while you can also send those selfies with options to draw and add fun faces to all. Now you might be wondering how I install this app on my Android phone, then let me tell you it has been released for Android platform. We will obviously be making use of the Google Play store app, as Facebook Flash app has been released their officially.

  • Simply open your Google Play store application from your Android Smartphone
  • And next go to the search option on the top and then enter the app name, Facebook Flash
  • Then click enter and select the app from the results page to continue
  • After that click on install button and wait as the app will be installed once download is done
  • So we will have installed this app in less than few minutes and now you can start sharing your selfies and pictures with friends’ right away!

Download Facebook Flash Apk On Android OS 2017

Since you have already learned how to download Facebook Flash for Android from Google play store, but sometimes we might not find the latest version due to country restriction. Next you will need to download the Facebook Flash latest version which we will be showing below.

Download Facebook Flash Apk For Android OS 2017
  • So first you have to visit Facebook Flash Apk from here
  • Next scroll down to the webpage and then click on “Download Apk” button
  • After that you will see the Facebook Flash Apk popup and click save button
  • Then transfer the Apk file to your phone and then begin the installation
  • Finally you will have installed the latest version of this app on Android!


Facebook has been doing a good job by introducing different apps that help users to not only share their everyday life moments but make them memorable as well. Facebook Flash is something similar to Snapchat, but this app is far better with features such as sending flash messages with pictures that can disappear. In this guide you will be able to download Facebook Flash app for Android platform and sending selfies and pictures will be more fun now.

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