Download FancyKey Keyboard Apk For Android OS 2017

FancyKey App review: Chatting with friends might seem fun but don’t you think it’s time for you to look for something else. I mean why not have a better keyboard filled with extra features such different themes and more Emoji. Today we are going to discuss about one of the best keyboard apps for Android which is Fancy key keyboard and it is amongst the top leading now.

As a keyboard app it comes with the perfect predictions for the words to match your sentence and we call it autocorrect or spell. But this feature actually stands out that make it worth to use and at the same time you can find more than amazing fonts that no other app offers. Do you know the worst reason why I hate most of the keyboard apps other than Fancy key? Well the fact is this app offers you different themes that can be selected, such that you can have a different look every time.

It also offers you tons of different Emoji that will help bring out your emoticons perfectly and this helps to finely tune and send messages. You might be wondering that these Emoji might be the same but as a matter of fact there are more than enough fancy Emoji we can choose.

Download FancyKey Keyboard Apk For Android OS 2017

How to use Fancy Key keyboard app 2017

Well this app is officially called by the name FancyKey Keyboard, but most of the times people use the word Fancy keyboard so it makes more sense. But before we end up getting straight to the download procedure why not a little glimpse of how this app works has and why would someone use it in the first place.

Fancy key keyboard app is perfectly designed to customize and users can personalize it in such a way that it matches your taste. The app has sound notifications which are really good to hear and you can select to disable them if you like as well.

Download FancyKey Keybord apk for Android OS 2017 – Fancy key keyboard app download guide

Do you want to fancy your chatting then it’s time for you to choose FancyKey apk for Android platform. This is an amazing keyboard app that can customize your daily keyboard to a different one with new and amazing fonts, arts & more. This keyboard app has been released for Android platform, so we can download and install Fancy Key keyboard from Google play store directly. So, let me show you exactly how you can download this keyboard application for your Android device.

Download FancyKey Keyboard
  • So as always open Google play store and then search for “Fancy Key”
  • Then click enter and wait for the results to be shown on the page
  • Next we have to select the Fancy Key Keyboard and click on Install button
  • After that the app will download and installation continues
  • Finally we will have now installed the app on our device!

Fancy Key Keyboard app for IOS OS iPhone/iPad 2017

It might come to you as a surprise but this Fancy key keyboard app has been released for IOS platform as well and can be downloaded for free too. So, if you own an iPhone or iPad device then it might be the perfect opportunity to use this app and make changes. You can visit the download page of Fancy key on Apple app store from here and install it directly.


Every one of us loves to chat and messages our friends but at the same time we are bored with the old stock Android keyboard. But now we can tune our Android keyboard using Fancy Key keyboard which will add lots of new features like fonts, arts and emoticons that will help us to chat freely with friends and family.


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