Download GhostKik Apk For Android OS 2017

Download GhostKik Apk: Kik messenger for Android is quite famous across the globe and to be frank even I use it. Indeed it is an amazing messaging platform for Android device but sometimes we might find the same platform really boring nah? Do you think the green template of the Kik messenger is quite old but what can we do about it then? Well the answer is simple to use GhostKik mod version for Kik app on your Android device. I guess you might have heard about this modded version from on your friends or someone at work. But if you really want to know more about GhostKik app and its download process then you can continue reading this guide.

But if you are wondering that the app will change completely into Ghost theme forever, will it is up to you to either uninstall GhostKik app later on. This app enhances the Kik messenger experience to a new extent and it comes with a dark theme. Plus there are two different theme versions, the first one is dark theme and the second is light ghost theme. I guess most of you are fine with the Dark ghost theme, but you can always change the theme whenever you like.

Download GhostKik Apk For Android OS 2017

GhostKik App Features 2017

Are you ready to join the ghosts and be one of the amazing GhostKik users, then before you do so there are some features that you can learn about this app right now. Well the most important feature would be that once you install this app you will find yourself with an amazing dark theme which sure is nice a gives ghostly look. On the other hand when compared to other Mod versions, this is free to download and the installation process is quite simple as well.

The Kik messenger keyboard will also change according to the ghost theme and not being picky, it looks really amazing indeed. You can even switch the keyboard with some other tools like Swift keyboard and all. At the end of the day GhostKik messenger is really a simple mod version for Kik app, but it gives you a new look and youngsters surely love using it.

Download Ghostkik Apk For Android OS 2017 – Install Ghost Kik On Android Platform

Well most of us love to use Kik messaging platform and why not it is really an amazing place to chat and send messages. But it’s time for you to download GhostKik apk for Android platform, which is a mod for Kik app. So you can follow the below instructions which will show you how to download Ghostkik apk for Android platform.

  • Now you have to go to from your browser
  • Then go to the website’s search button and enter “GhostKik”
  • After that press enter and wait for results to be shown
  • Next you will have to click on “Download Apk” button and save the apk file
  • Finally the GhostKik app will now be successfully installed!

Note: So before you go on and start installing the GhostKik app on your Android device, make sure to check the “Unknown Sources” option under settings.


Ghostkik might not be your ideal mod version for Kik messenger but if you start using it you will find that it makes more sense and is really creative as well. There are many unique features that unfold when you download the Ghost Kik app on your Android device after reading this guide.

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