Download Google Keyboard Apk For Android, iPhone & Windows

Google Keyboard Apk: Well all know that Google owns Android and we all use Android phones to chat, send messages and do more. I guess you have heard about Google Keyboard which is an awesome Android keyboard app which we can select to install. And Google Keyboard has been renamed to Gboard with the recent updates along with some additional features being added.

So people wonder why would someone choose this app over SwitfKey? Well the answer is simple Google Keyboard is reliable and effective at use. We can type with our fingers which are same for all keyboards, but it also offers voice typing for those who hate typing with fingers. This app has got two additional search options which are GIF and Emoji search which allows users to find the perfect way to chat and communicate with friends.

It offers you Google search that is users can search for results like Maps, location, images and share them with friends on different messaging platform which we seek to chat over. Finding Emoji has never been so easy because with a single click we can find tons of new and old Emoji of different genre. Last but not the least we are also allowed the change the theme and there are dozens of themes to select from as well. I really find Gboard app for Android and other platforms interesting because we can type with voice, type in different languages too.

Download Google Keyboard Apk For Android, iPhone & Windows

How to use Google Keyboard – Google Keyboard Hindi settings

Using Google Keyboard on Android is simple, once the app is installed we have to set it as the default keyboard at use and start chatting. Now you can go on to WhatsApp and Google Keyboard in short Gboard will show up and we can easily type in for better response. This app also offers glide typing which is similar to how SwiftKeybaord works; this makes it far better indeed.

Now the other feature is that we can type in using our voice, which is called as voice typing where we have to click on mic button to start talking. Next coming to the important questions such as can we change language, and then Google Keyboard in Hindi and many different languages is available. So that before getting started we can select the app from settings and change the language as we like.

Download Google Keyboard Apk for Android OS – Google Keyboard Apk Latest Version 2017

I am sure you are fed up with your old stock Android player, so why not just get rid of it and rather use Google Keyboard for Android? I am sure you will be amazed to know that this keyboard app for Android is really effective and can be used to chat, send messages without discomfort. Now let me show you how you may install this application on your Android Smartphone in the first place.

Download Google Keyboard Apk For Android
  • Initially open your Android phone and go to Google Play Store app
  • Next, search for “Gboard” and then click on install button
  • The Gboard app is now installing and takes a bit of time
  • Once done, the app will be successfully installed and ready to use!

Download Google Keyboard for Windows – Google Keyboard for iPhone 6S 7S Plus – Gboard Download

As we all know that Gboard is Google Keyboard and is one of the most efficient keyboards apps for both Android and IOS platform together. Many users have been asking me that which would be the best keyboard for iPhone devices; well I would only suggest Gboard at present. The Gboard app for iPhone has been officially released for free of cost and can be downloaded from app store directly.

Now if you want to download Google Keyboard for windows, then we can actually make use of any Android to PC emulator to install the app. Let us assume we are using Bluestacks emulator, then simply search for “Gboard for Windows” and install the app directly.


Well I guess this guide will end here and you can now find for yourself that how you can use Google Keyboard apk on Android OS. We have also discussed how you can download Google Keyboard for Windows, iPhone devices as well.

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