Download Kodi Genesis 2017 – Install Genesis On Kodi

Download Kodi Genesis: If you are new to Kodi then you might be wondering which addon are best to watch TV shows and Movies on the go? Then Kodi Genesis addon is the best one right now and to be frank it works like charm as well. If you are familiar with the Kodi software then you might know that add Genesis on Kodi might not be a big deal. In this article I will be reviewing the importance of this addon and also show you how to download Kodi Genesis.

You might already know that Kodi is an open source network which was known was XBMX, which stands for Xbox Media Centre. Now it has been renamed as Kodi app which allows users to update different mods which allows us to access movie streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and many more directly.

Download Kodi Genesis 2017 – Install Genesis On Kodi

Similar to Netflix and Hulu Plus, we have Gensis for Kodi which is a well known movie and TV show streaming application. This addon for Kodi is really great, as it uses API from different streaming sites to show Movies and TV shows on your desktop screen right away. Well developing new apps for Kodi might not be a big deal but allowing users to find right content is something to look for. In this article I will show you how important Genesis Kodi addon is.

What Is Genesis Kodi Addon?

So before I get into the download process where I show you how to download Kodi on Genesis. I will be showing you what this Genesis app really is and how it can help you to fetch more entertaining content with just few clicks.

Well we are talking about Genesis addon on Kodi, this is pretty much the same concept as Hulu and Netflix streaming services. When you install this service on Kodi on iPhone or any desktop platform, you can find tons of Movies, Shows lined up on the homepage.

The main feature and the reason why I suggest you to download Genesis Kodi is because we can find tons of different Movies and Shows to stream right away. And the next thing is Genesis uses a superior API function, which accesses different streaming sites from online, and shows you the best HD content to stream. Well this simply means that you can find HD movies, shows on your iPhone or desktop screen with the help of this plugin.

How To Download Kodi Genesis Addon 2017

Now you might be wondering how to install Genesis on Kodi, and you learn it from the below listed installation steps.

Download Kodi Genesis 2017 – Install Genesis On Kodi
  • So the first step is to open Kodi app and then click on “SysteM option and after that open “File Manager”
  • Next click on “Add Sources” and after that select “None”
  • We have to select the Genesis addon link and name it as Fusion
  • Now go back to the System tab and after that select Addon tab from there
  • Then you need to click on “Install From Zip” button and select “Fusion” source
  • Follow Xbmx-repos > Then select “English” language and select “”
  • Next the source repo will start to install and it will take some time to be installed
  • Finally we get to select “Lambda Addon Repository” option and movie it to Video addon option
  • Then click on install button and Genesis Kodi addon will be installed successfully!

Why is Genesis Not Working On Kodi?

So some users have complained that Kodi Genesis has stopped working and to be frank this is a serious issue indeed. If you are facing the similar issue then there are different reasons why it is not working properly. The main reason would be that Genesis API is not properly integrated and at the same time Kodi is showing some errors as well. But the developers are trying to fix this problem and updated version might be released soon.


Finally you will be able to download Kodi Genesis addon by following the above steps carefully. And if you have any doubt regarding the installation process then let us known in the comments section below.

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