Download LazyPay App And Review 2018

LazyPay App Review: So after the demonetization in Indian new UPI payment apps and different payment application have been released for the good of the people. PayU is a name known to everyone around the world and mostly around Indian because it has become a global payment gateway provider used by millions of services all over the world. I can say that I have used PayU so many times that I cannot even remember how long I have been using their service to pay my bills and order food securely online. But they have done something amazing this time around and they have brought LazyPay app in the market.

So the concept behind LazyPay app is simple where you can buy and purchase anything you like now and then pay after 15 days easily. I mean not everyone likes to pay the same time when they feel about buying a good or food and this app helps people like those. I always use food ordering apps like Swiggy or Zomato but the bad part is I never have change at my hand. So using LazyPay to pay for my food delivery app transactions has been really helpful indeed.

At the same time the reason why I advise you to use this service is quite simple because this app lets you shop for anything under your budget anytime you like. It works 7 times faster than the normal payment apps which make purchasing goods and services easy. PayU is the parent company of this brand and we already have idea that PayU is the largest payment gateway in India and hence it comes as no surprise that LazyPay has super fast and easy checkout at the end as well. This app can be used to pay for any service between Rs. 500 to Rs. 2500 and can be increased to Rs. 10,000 at some period of time as well.

Download LazyPay App And Review 2018

Why Was LazyPay App Developed?

If you ever used a postpaid SIM where you have to pay bills later after the complete usage, then LazyPay app is the same. It is similar to postpaid where you have to pay the bills later at a time of 15 days after buying the goods and service. So as a general user who likes to buy online you might have the question why was LazyPay developed. I mean any one can have this question because why does a company so big as PayU want to help users who make little transactions with LazyPay app.

So my answer is that LazyPay app was developed with the sole intention of helping small transactions which have been reduced to tedious payment procedures. It is true that whenever you want to pay for a small amount online the process regarding the payment is the same as large one and it takes hell of a time to be done. So what PayU thought is that they will eliminate the use of tedious payment process and have LazyPay as the middle man where you can pay for bills and buy goods anytime you like. And the best part about this service is that it is being accepted by most of the online sites and apps where you can purchase anything you like.

Even though this service is just starting right now but it has already received huge funding which has helped to attract more than 10 million users and this service might get 5 – 10 million more users by the end of this year. It has now joined hands with some big merchants and small payment apps which are accepting LazyPay as one of the payment options at the checkout page.

Download LazyPay App For Android OS 2018

LazyPay is developed by PayU which has released this app for Android platform as well and we are going to learn how to download it now. I will be showing the required steps to download this app so make sure to follow the below instructions carefully.

  • First we will have to open the Android device and then go the Google Play Store
  • After that we have to use the search button to search for LazyPay app and select the app
  • Now click on the install button which will begin to download the app first and installs it next
  • Wait for some period of time since the app is now being installed and it will be done quickly
  • Finally we have now installed LazyPay app on your Android device so easily!


So friends thanks for taking time to read this article about how to download LazyPay app for Android platform and we have also discussed about LazyPay app as well. If you face any problem while using this app to pay for your bills or while ordering food through Swiggy or some other service then let us known through the comments below.

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