Download Mojo Installer For iOS 10.2.1 iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

Mojo Installer For IOS: There are very less app installers for IOS platform that has crossed more than 2 million download and still counting. Mojo installer is based on a modern UI design concept which is accompanied by bright Icons that helps users to browse quickly. There are tons of new and old games, apps that are categorized in different sections and can be found using search bar as well. The app homepage is pretty neat and to the bottom of the page we can find app sections.

The first is Mojo which is our homepage section, second is Sources that can be used to add Mojo sources directly. Last section is Packages, where all apps and games packages are located. You can browser between all these sections with simple clicks and it works pretty easily which is really nice.

They also have a premium app which once bought will help you to avoid revokes and I guess in this you will also benefit all features of this app. It also features an account manager which does not need any registration but serves to keep all apps and games in list.

Download Mojo Installer For iOS 10.2.1 iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

How to use Mojo Installer for IOS iPhone and iPad devices

Since you already know that Mojo installer is a perfect tool and app installer for IOS platform, but this app might be new to you. So, let us first discuss on how we can make use of this app installer to its fullest of features.

On the Mojo installer homepage we can find few of the top notch or popular apps that others have tried and used. Next as we want to download an app or game, then we have to click on Packages section where we can find all apps to download. There is also the quick search option which can be used to find packages, apps and all by name or keyword.

Most of the app installers have language problems which makes it difficult for foreign users to utilize the app perfectly. But Mojo installer is available in 5 different languages which can be helpful if you don’t know English language.

Download Mojo Installer for IOS 10.2.1 10.3 Without Jailbreak – Mojo Installer For iPhone/iPad

Not everyone likes having Cydia or using it to install a simple tweak or an app that can be installed using Mojo Installer easily. So, if you are wondering how to download and install this app on your IOS device, then you can follow my below instructions then:

Download Mojo Installer For iOS 10.2.1
  • First you have to open your iPhone device and open
  • Then scroll down and find the “install directly” button in blue color
  • Click the button and the app will be directly installed on your IOS device
  • Finally once installed, the app will be in apps menu!

And in this way you will be able to install Mojo installer app for your IOS 10.3 and IOS 10.2.1 devices. Simple run the app and start installing different apps, games that you want to install with just few clicks.

Mojo Installer Sources – Mojo Installer app for Android

So first we will discuss about Mojo installer sources, which mean we can install different repo or tweaks using the Mojo installer source link that can be found online. Using the source link, we can paste it in the source section of our app and then use the tweak or app easily. Now as per our second topic which is whether Mojo installer for Android has been or not, then it has not been released yet. Well we can always look for some other Mojo installer alternative for Android such as Aio downloader or other.


Mojo Installer is a simple but one of the best Cydia alternative that takes less than a minute to be installed on your iPhone device. Well you can install this app store without jailbreak which makes it top notch and at the same time it offers you more than enough apps to install.

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