Download N64IOS For IOS 10.0.1 10 9.4 iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

N64IOS without Jailbreak:  We can use our iPhone and iPad devices in order to play many emulators and games in them to have fun and do a lot. We are discussing about N64IOS emulator for iPhone device and this is a Nintendo emulator.

I know most of you might be interested in play different Nintendo games from way back but there are only few emulators that can possibly work. We can play numerous games and some of the famous games which include all time popular Mario and more.

The emulator we are discussing about is N64 emulator which was a massive piece of gaming console in the past time. Now we can play this emulator right on our iPhone device with the same user interface and gaming controls. The console controls are really simple and can be controlled by finger tapping on the screen with least of movements required.

Download N64IOS For IOS 10.0.1 10 9.4 iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

Well you might be wondering would a jailbreak be required in order to download and install N64IOS emulator on IOS 10+. Then no you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad device in order to install this emulator. In the below guide we will be explaining you how to download N64IOS For IOS without jailbreak.

N64IOS Emulator Features

Well we are pretty much aware of how this emulator works but now let us understand more of its features. Reading these features will help you understand the emulator in a better manner and can be utilized effectively.

  • We get the same N64 UI design and complex interface with same gaming experience as ever
  • There are different control options that help us control and play games effectively
  • We can find the N64 Game ROMS from online for free and install them easily
  • Experience awesome and popular games like Super Mario and more!

N64IOS For IOS without Jailbreak – N64IOS For IOS 10 9.4 iPhone iPad ipa Download

As we now have an idea on N64IOS emulator, we will now be learning on how to download this for iPhone device. There is no need for N64IOS IPA for IOS as we will be using the direct app installation link in the below guide.

N64IOS For IOS without Jailbreak – N64IOS For IOS 10 9.4 iPhone iPad ipa Download
  • First you have to visit this webpage, where N64IOS is located
  • After that browse down to the bottom and click on Install button
  • Now select Install button to continue the installation process
  • Wait for it to be installed and after a bit of time we can find it in apps menu
  • Finally we have downloaded and installed N64IOS for IOS!


Now download the N64IOS emulator for IOS iPhone and iPad devices without jailbreak and start playing different games. Well to play more games you can download ROMS for different games for N64 emulator and install them easily.

Once done we can play much number of games on N64IOS emulator without jailbreak on any of your IOS device. If you still have any problem or doubts then please let me know them in the below comments section and we will get back to you with a suitable answer.

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