Download Noctis New Dark Mode Tweak For iOS 10 iPhone 6S Plus 7 Plus

Noctis For IOS 10: Noctis New Dark Mode Tweak for iOS 10 is a new tweak for IOS 10 OS Jailbreak devices which is developed by “LaughingQuoll” which by the name suggest the tweak features. The main effect of this tweak is that it brings dark mode effect on the iPhone device and it makes the device look glossier as well.  The present iPhone devices with latest IOS 10 version have a basic standard dark mode which is not surely a fine option for all.

But Noctis New Dark mode has been a magnificent tweak for IOS devices to give their device a better edge dark look. It gives the iPhone new warmth feel and the dark mode blends at the edges at notification area, around apps and more is really eloquent. But the most important features are that this tweak allows changing spotlight, folders, widgets, 3D touch menu and notification as well including Control center. You can find a dark mode theme button in the control center which allows us to enable and disable the tweak readily.

Now you might be really interested to download this new Cydia weak by the name Noctis, Which is a dark mode theme tweak for iPhone Jailbreak devices running on IOS 10 version.

Download Noctis New Dark Mode Tweak For iOS 10 iPhone 6S Plus 7 Plus

How To Use Noctis New Dark Mode Tweak – Customize Noctios On iPhone IOS 10

So once you have installed the Noctis Cydia tweak, we can open the app from the Cydia store or from apps menu directly.

How To Use Noctis New Dark Mode Tweak
  • Enable Notics On iPhone IOS 10

Now we have to check the option “Enabled” to enable the dark mode theme by Noctis at the first time. Next in order to change the way the dark mode blends with the iPhone we can change the Darkness and enable dock as well.

  • Change Color On Noctis

I know Black is something really glossy and gives a professional look to the device, but you can select other colors as well. In order to change the Dark Mode theme tweak color, you can select “Use Color” option and then select a color behind each page. Save the changes and now you have changed the dark mode theme to your favorite color other than just black.

All these customization options are shown in the below image, which are set by default and can be changed with few clicks. Once you are done with the app customization and tweaking features, let us get into the download guide below.

(BUY)Download Noctis Cydia Tweak For IOS 10 iPhone – Install Noctis For iPhone 6S Plus 7 Plus IOS 10 OS

Since you are pretty much aware of the Noctis Cydia Tweak for IOS 10 and all its effective features, then follow the below guide to install the tweak itself. First thing we need to know is that Noctis Dark Mode theme tweak for IOS 10 is for Jailbreak iPhone devices only.

Another thing we need to clear is that Noctis developer has not made this cydia tweak available for free, but it can be bought for just $2. We will guiding you through the process on how to buy this tweak and once done you can install it like any other Cydia tweak.

  • First you have to open the Noctis Cydia tweak purchase link from here
  • After that enter your Cydia ID in the first box and next enter your email address
How To Buy Noctis Dark Mode Theme Cydia Tweak
  • Once done, click on “Buy Now” button and pay $2 via the payment options
  • After the completion of payment, the tweak download link will be sent to your email address included
  • Finally install the Noctis Cydia tweak for IOS 10 and start using the dark mode theme!


Once you buy the app, click on the download link that has been sent to your email via Safari browser on your iPhone device. After that let tweak be downloaded and it will be installed automatically on your iPhone device in no time.

Once the installation is completed, we can start using the Noctis New Dark mode theme tweak for Cydia right away.

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