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OpenEmu For Mac OS: In the previous episode we have reviewed few different IOS related apps, but today we are going to review a game system for MAC. We are talking about OpenEmu which is a multiple video game system for MAC OS X and believe me this is an awesome gaming system.

This game system namely OpenEmu lets MAC users use different console and play game easily using their particular gamepads. I was wondering this game system would have just few games but I was really wrong. It is because when I installed this OpenEmu on my MAC, I opened it and found a list of gaming consoles on to the left sidebar. Well I was really impressed with that number of gaming console but under each console we can find more number of games.

OpenEmu Review – Is OpenEmu Safe?

You can easily add new games and organize them using the game ROMS which we can download from online for free. You simply have to install new game ROMS to play new games and with a compatible gamepads, game control.

Well if we assume we have selected Nintendo NES as our console, then it would look something like the below image. The gamepads controls can be changed by selecting different buttons or keyboard keys as per our interest.  And you can even change the Input control from Keyboard to some other gaming control like Joystick or more. But most of the OpenEmu users prefer to use Keyboard as input for gaming controls.

OpenEmu Review

Now to answer the second question about OpenEmu is, whether this emulator is safe or not. Surely this is an awesome emulator for MAC platform and it does not have any problem as well. Which means OpenEmu is safe to download and has no virus or malware which can harm your MAC device.

OpenEmu Windows Download – OpenEmu IOS Download?

Now this seems to be the most unanswered question about OpenEmu that can it is downloaded for Windows and IOS? Well OpenEmu Windows’s version is not yet released and as a matter of fact it might not be released anytime soon.  The same goes for OpenEmu for IOS version, but we have different emulator like NDS4IOS for IOS that surely work as good alternative for OpenEmu.

How To Download OpenEmu ROMS and Install

I know this emulator is quite new to you but worry not because with so many game consoles avail bale, it works with ease.  Now you might be getting bored playing the already installed games on every console on the OpenEmu For MAC. But now if you wish to download any other game ROM and want to install it. Then follow the below steps:

Download OpenEmu ROMS and Install
  • First download the game ROMS as per the console you want to download
  • Let us take an example of Contra.nes game which is Nintendo NES console game
  • Once you have downloaded the ROM file, open OpenEmu emulator for MAC
  • After that drag down the Contra.nes file to the Nintendo (NES) on the OpenEmu left sidebar
  • And at the bottom of the page we will see, game scanner scanning the game
  • Once done we will have Contra game installed on OpenEmu!

We have taken Contra as example, but you can do the same with any other game or emulator as well. And this seems to be a good feature of this emulator that users can delete and uninstall games easily.

Download OpenEmu For MAC OS X 10 – Steps To Install OpenEmu For MAC OS X 11 Desktop

Now let me guide you through the process on how you can download OpenEmu for MAC OS by following the below steps. To be precise, installing this emulator for MAC takes less than a minute of work:

Download OpenEmu For MAC OS X 10
  • First you have to open your MAC desktop and open Safari browser
  • After that visit this webpage, which is the OpenEmu official website link
  • Now scroll down a little bit, and you will find “Download Now” button
  • Click on the button and a popup will appear, save the OpenEmu zip file
  • Next extract the Zip file on your MAC desktop and then install the emulator
  • The installation process will take a little bit of time and it will be done in no time
  • Finally we have installed OpenEmu for MAC!

Now just follow the above guide install the emulator on your MAC desktop platform and after that start playing console games all the time.

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