Download Samsung Music Player Apk For Android OS 2018

Samsung Music Player App: Samsung has been doing great with Smartphone but this time they have released their music player for other Android phones as well. Before this Samsung Music player was only available for Samsung Android phones and tablets.

The main reason people find Samsung Music good to use is because it has a simple design which comes with really neat user interface. There are different powerful functions such as sorting, categories, menu and settings which help to play songs easily.

All the songs and music are categorized under different sorts out of which most of the times songs are displayed under Ratings, Artist, Album, Genre and more. In this way of sorting users can easily pick between the list of songs sung by an artist or an album of songs they want to listen.

Another good part about Samsung music is that it can play different song formats which mean we can play a lot of songs that other players cannot. So you don’t have to worry about the types of song format, and at the same time gives quality sound as well.

Download Samsung Music Player Apk For Android OS 2018

How to Use Samsung Music Player App

Now that you know how amazing this music player really is, then it’s time for to learn how to use this tool properly. It is so because there are different features and ways through which you can make your way of listening music even better.

The app features swipe option that takes to the playlists or songs list on to the right swipe, then left swipe gives you settings and all. Once you have selected to play a song then the app will have a plain interface with minimal display options. On the screen you can find three buttons which are Play/Stop at the middle, two other buttons are next buttons to change the songs.

As you already know you can make your own playlist from the list of songs, simply select the songs you want to add and then name the list as per your preference.

Download Samsung Music Apk For Android OS – Install Samsung Music Player App On Android

Play music like never before with the help of Samsung music player which gives you the power to storm the house with power packing music all the way. So as I already told you that Samsung has recently released their Music player app for Android platform other than their own devices as well. Now let me guide you through the process on how you can install the Samsung music player app on your Smartphone.

  • Open the Android Smartphone and then go to Google Play store
  • You can either open Play Store from Browser or switch to the Play store app as per your preference
  • After that once the app is opened, go to the search and then enter “Samsung Music”
  • Now that the app is selected click on the Install button which will download the application using Wi-Fi or data at first
  • Then it will automatically install which will take hardly a minute or two indeed
  • Tada! Finally you have now installed the Samsung Music app on Android device!


Samsung music is a fine way of listening to music on your Android phone and believe me this is the best music player on Android. This app supports different multimedia formats which make playing music really simple indeed. You can get used to Samsung music player without any effort because it is simple and really effective towards playing music.

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