Download Sharecloud Apk For Android OS 2017

ShareCloud Apk 2017: ShareCloud is an app that can help you share files and different file formats to any other device easily through various means. When I say through various means, I mean to say that this app can share files using different ways which include Bluetooth, HotSpot, Email, WhatsApp and many more. You might say that you’ve already got something similar to Shareit or so, but don’t you think there is some reason why 20 million users have already gone with ShareCloud.

Well though this is an amazing sharing app but there are more features other than only sharing option and I guess you might be amazed to all of them. The first feature is that this app allows their users to simple share files of different formats with just one click. Most of the file sharing apps do not allow their users to back up or so, but ShareCloud allows its users to even backup their photos, apps to different storage options like SDcard or Dropbox as well.

There is also an option to share multiple files so that we will be able to transfer and share number of files, photos at one time easily. This option gives their users to easily save time while they can share multiple files at a single time.

Download Sharecloud Apk For Android OS 2017

How to download ShareCloud Apk for Android OS 2017

I am sure after reading this post about ShareCloud app, you really want to download this app and now you can follow the below instructions to download this app easily. Another thing is that ShareCloud app for Android has been officially released, which means we don’t have to look for ShareCloud apk. So simply we will use the Google Play store app and then download this app from it directly.

  • Go to your Google Play store and now we have to click on search bar
  • Next thing to do is enter the app name “ShareCloud” then click search
  • Now we can see search result page with list of apps related to our search
  • Then select the app we are looking for and click to install it
  • Finally the app now be downloaded and installed successfully!

Download ShareCloud For PC Windows 10/7/8 Online

Well we all find ourselves in such situations where we have to share files between our Smartphone and Desktop computer. But using the USB cable all the time is kind of weird, so why not use ShareCloud for PC which can helps us share the file in no time. Now if you are wondering can I download this app for Windows, then simple make use of some Android to PC emulator. Well I advise you to use Bluestacks emulator so that you will be able to instantly download ShareCloud for PC without any problem.

Download Sharecloud For PC


Sharing files with friends might be a daily routine for you but now with the help of ShareCloud app we can share and transfer files easily. It is an simple to understand but one of the finest file sharing app that works through various sharing options which is a great feature indeed.

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