Download Sleep As Android Apk For Android OS 2017

Sleep As Android Apk Download: Bored of using the same old alarm clock for Android? Then it’s high time that you use Sleep as Android app. This is a smart Android alarm clock that comes with tracing feature to track your sleep time and cycle to provide better sleep to the users. Well you might be wondering how this might be different from normal alarm clocks. Then the app users your regular sleep cycle and wakes the users at pleasant times. So before we get any forward we will be going to find out how we can use this app and download Sleep as Android app.

So another good part about this app is that is it is easily integrated with Android wear gadgets as well which makes it easy for waking up as well. In this way you can integrate the app with your Samsung or Moto Android watch and simply get the wake up cal on your watch. It can also be integrated with different health apps such Google Fit and S health which makes sleeping even better. The app completely utilizes your health data and gives the best time to wake up and all. While we are at integration, it can also be integrated with Philips HUE smart bulb.

Download Sleep As Android Apk For Android OS 2017

Sleep As Android Alarm Clock App Features

In this way the Philips HUE smart bulb once connected with your app will be turned off and on according to the alarm clock. Now the important part of any Alarm clock is to have fine alarm sounds, which are pleasant to hear and can be controlled easily. This app has different types of playlist which include birds, sea, storm and many more which would make a great wake up alarm clock. It also has spotify and other online radio service integration feature through which we can set different sounds, songs and lullabies as alarm tunes.

Then don’t you think we all have a bad habit of oversleeping and this is kind of bad for everyone as it proves too unhealthy indeed. But don’t worry because this app comes with a captcha like alarm feature where we have to either solve a math problem or some puzzle in order to stop the alarm.

Download Sleep As Android Apk For Android OS 2017

Now since you already know how good this app is then it time for you to learn how to download Sleep as Android app for Android platform. So, there would be no need for you to use the Apk version as the official app is available on Google play store. You can simply install the app on your Android phone just by following the below instructions carefully.

Download Sleep As Android Apk
  • So the first thing to do is to open the Android phone
  • Then click on Google play store app and open it next
  • After that click on search bar and enter the app name” Sleep As Android”
  • And then select the official app; make sure you do not select some other app
  • Next click on the install button and wait for the app to download
  • Once downloaded then it will begin to install automatically
  • Finally we will have now installed Sleep as Android easily!


Sleep as Android is a sophisticated Android alarm clock app that can be integrated with not just Android wear gadgets but also with others stuff. And this is why Sleep as Android app is really one of the best alarms clock apps to get better sleep and to keep track of your sleeping time.

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