Download Test DPC Apk For Android OS 2017

Test DPC Apk Download: Test DPC is the abbreviation for device policy controller and one of the best apps for developers as well. If you are a developer who loves to create new apps and games, but testing them is hard right. So, here is when Test DPC comes into play, as the device says it can control your app in certain arranged restrictions. To be more precise you can set this app such that it forces your new app to perform and do task in the developer assigned profile.

The profile can be assigned based on the Smartphone battery life, RAM efficiency for gaming and enables the app to work effectively. In this way developers are able to build profile which helps our designed apps to act and we can understand more from them. It is not always a good idea to use a newly built app on new Android device right away, so using them under a DPC profile makes sense.

There are application restrictions which are nothing more than limitations to what your app can bear or should opt out to. We can limit the usage of battery life, or usage of Internet data can also be limited to know how effective a newly built app can progress on limited data.

On the Google Play store webpage we can see that a statement was written along with the description of the app on the top. It says that this app can be used for development purpose only and it should not be used with any real data. So it is quite fair to assume that using the Test DPC app for development purpose would be a beneficial call at the end of the day.

Download Test DPC Apk For Android OS 2017

Test DPC Features and More

If you want to understand how this app works, then there are some important functions and part we have to learn before running this app. The first is work profile management which is the primary task management option where we can edit profile ids and more. The next is Manage app restrictions section which has different types of functions saved for different apps.

If you are testing an app that uses data, then you can head over to Data usage section and limit the data usage as per your preference. This section also gives you the summary of the data used by selected apps through a particular period of time.

Download Test DPC Apk For Android O 2017 – Install Test DPC Apk Latest Version

So assuming you’re a developer with an app to be tested then it would make perfect sense to download Test DPC app for your Android device. Well this app has already been released on Google Play store for free, so all we have to do is install it with just one click.

  • Firstly open the Android phone and then open Google Play store
  • Next search for “Test DPC” app and install it right away
Download Test DPC Apk For Android OS 2017

We have now installed the app, but make sure you have also installed the app that you want to test now. Go to the Test DPC app, and check the managed use profile and apply the restrictions as per your preference and continue testing.


Designing and developing new Android apps, games might seem hard to everyone and indeed it is hard. But with the help of Test DPC app many developers are able to create use profiles so that their apps can perform and be tested as well. This app is really an easy way to test newly built and developed apps that can be tested with in no time.

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