Download VivaVideo Pro Apk For Android OS 2017

VivaVideo Pro Apk Download: VivaVideo was released a long time back and it has become famous as a professional video editing tool for Android platform, and it has reached more than millions of users till now. This shows us that Viva Video seems to be a nice platform not just to edit our videos but to make them out of the box; many popular online rant videos and social media based videos are edited using VivaVideo. Well you might wonder is this tool really that amazing or it’s just a scarp tool worth not using. If you have q question like that let me tell you in this very guide we will be discussing about the VivaVideo Pro app review, how it can be featured and used for video editing precisely.

The VivaVideo Pro video editor is considered to be the best professional video editor as it has reached more than 100 million users, already using it. Other than video editing you can also create professional video and photo slideshow that will help you to create some amazing videos and photo slideshow.

You might have wondered that having a professional tool on your Android phone can be helpful, and this is when VivaVideo comes into play. This app can be used for different purpose from video trimming, cutting, slideshow, speed control and also for sharing the video to social media.

Download VivaVideo Pro Apk For Android OS 2017

VivaVideo Pro Video Editor Features 2017

I have seen different YouTube vloggers and artist who have used this app not just for video trimming but to create a whole professional video to the end. In this way users tend to create nice videos that can be shared online with friends and on different social media networks as well.

When it comes to app features the important feature is the six grid tool where we can find Capture, Slideshow, Selfie, Edit, Studio and effects section which can be used effectively. Under the camera section you can use the app camera along with different capture modes which gives different color variants. Next under the Editor you can edit videos and photos together to make a slideshow of them together. In this editor you can cut, trim and do more than just swiping images. So the next one is Slideshow section where we can use different images and add them into a single slideshow with different effects and transitions.

How To Download VivaVideo Pro Apk For Android OS 2017 – VivaVideo Pro Apk Latest Version Download

VivaVideo app has been one fine video editing tool for Android platform with all custom features that will surely amaze you. But the older version of this app does not have the exclusive features which means we need to select the pro version over the free one. And in order to download the pro version of VivaVideo app we cannot use Play store directly.

Download VivaVideo Pro Apk For Android OS 2017
  • First you can click here to visit VivaVideo ApkMirror webpage
  • Next select the app version which you want to download
  • And then click on Download so that the apk file will be saved
  • Now that the apk file is saved, then double click on the file
  • The app will now begin to install and we have to wait for sometime
  • Ultimately you have now installed the VivaVideo app forAndroid!


In this way you will be able to download VivaVideo Pro for Android platform and you will be able to edit videos to the finest. VivaVideo is an amazing video editing tool that can come in handy while creating videos or slideshow without having to worry about anything more. It is so because VivaVideo has tons of features which help one to create video that are worth sharing online as well.

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