Download WA Tweaks Apk For Android OS – WA Tweaks Apk 2.2.9

WA Tweaks Apk 2.2.9: We all use WhatsApp messenger and most of us use it all day long sending messages, pictures and chatting with friends. Do you know that there are so many hidden features in WhatsApp messenger? Well these hidden features in WhatsApp can be shown or unveiled by using WA Tweaks Apk for Android. WA Tweaks is a new Android application related to WhatsApp messenger and is able to use hidden WhatsApp tricks. This guide is about how you can use WA Tweaks Apk 2.2.9 on your Android device to use hidden features in WhatsApp messenger easily. In short our guide is going to be about how to download and install WA Tweaks.

There are many WhatsApp mod versions available on the web, but to be sure this WA Tweaks app cannot be used along with these Mod versions. It can only be used along with the official WhatsApp messenger, so make sure you are using this app along with the official WhatsApp only.  There are many reasons why I advise you to use this tool such as you will be able to send documents with more size which is increased to 999MB. Now there is also a feature that activates 3D tweak on Android Nougat 7.1 version which is pretty amazing. You can either increase or decrease the limit of sending images, pictures and videos as you wish. The new GIF search engine allows you to search and find new GIF’s which can be sent to friends in private or group chat.

Download WA Tweaks Apk For Android OS – WA Tweaks Apk 2.2.9

WA Tweaks Features – Is it really useful?

Well at first you might have been surprised on hearing that you can activate hidden features on WhatsApp. You will be amazed once you started reading about the features that we are able to activate and use once WA Tweaks is installed. I have mentioned few of the important features that we can use right after this app is installed.

  • Different Emoji packs can be installed rather than the old stock WhatsApp Emoji
  • Group invites can be activated, which means you can invite friends in groups
  • Photo editor feature which can be used to edit photos on WhatsApp directly
  • There is a GIF search engine which can be used to find, search and send new GIF
  • You can send documents which have a size up to 999MB
  • You will be able to send pictures and photos in full resolution
  • 3D touch can be activated on Android version 7.1
  • Tracking location of your friends through WhatsApp groups is enabled
  • You can set to disable or enable status feature as well

So these were few of the features that you will be able to use when you have installed the WA Tweaks app on your Android device.

How to Download WA Tweaks Apk For Android OS – Install WA Tweaks Apk 2.2.9 For Android OS 2017

So Let us now continue to the main part of this post which is to download WA Tweaks app on your device. Simply follow the below instructions and you will be able to understand how to install this app.

  • First you have to download Aptoide app on your Android device
  • Then search for WA Tweaks through the Aptoide market place
  • Now save the Apk file on your Android device and run it
  • Double tap on the apk file and continue installing the app
  • Wait as the app is now being installed and will take hardly few minutes to be installed
  • Finally we have got WA Tweaks app has been successfully installed!


Once we have installed the WA Tweaks app on our Android Smartphone we will soon be able to use different hidden features on WhatsApp messenger. Now you will be able to use different apps such as Multicast, photo editor and many more with this simple WA Tweaks app.

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