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WhatScan Apk Download: So WhatsApp has been a trend over half a decade now and with millions of people joining them, it is becoming more than better every day. Now if you want to use same WhatsApp account on different tablets and Android phones then WhatScan is a must. In simple terms this is one of the easiest ways of using same WhatsApp account on two or more Smartphone. On the other hand you can also use two or more WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile as well. We can simply tell that WhatScan app generates a QR code which allows one to use another WhatsApp account on any mobile we like.

WhatScan has been released for both Android and for WhatsApp web as well, though the main feature remains the same. But if you want to download and use WhatScan for WhatsApp Web then you can use the Chrome plugin easily. This app secures your WhatsApp account on any mobile device with a secure password protection. Such that the user can only generate desired QR code and scan it to make a copy of the account.

We can use this app for many reasons and the prominent reason could be to spy on your friends WhatsApp account. Well to do this you would eventually require your friend’s phone and account at first time to generate the QR code and all. The second reason could be that we can use numerous WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile device as well. Next is that using the same account on two or more mobiles are now possible with WhatScan. Now coming on to WhatScan for WhatsApp Web, the same goes for the web version as we can use two accounts on the same browser as well.

Download WhatScan For WhatsApp Web – WhatScan Apk Download

WhatScan For WhatsApp Web Features 2017

WhatScan app comes with some amazing features and the best part is the app itself is quite handy to use multiple accounts easily. But other than this feature there are some more reasons why this app is so trending these days.

  • It has password protection for better security of your account
  • The app also has multiple languages features
  • You can use this app as a normal WhatsApp without any problem
  • Sending images, messages and receiving them would be simple
  • You can use multiple accounts on the same mobile
  • And at the same time use the same account on multiple devices

At the very least we have a secured protection with password so our accounts can only be accessed through the password. Multiple languages help users from different areas to select their own language with just few clicks.

Download WhatsCan For WhatsApp Web – Install WhatScan App Download

Now let me guide you down to the WhatScan for WhatsApp Web download process, which is quite simple to understand if you follow below guide. So the first thing is that this app has been released for android platform a long time back and we can simply install it from there. You can click here to visit WhatScan Google play store webpage and install the app directly.

Download WhatScan For WhatsApp Web


So in this guide we have discussed on how useful WhatScan app can be and also how to download it for Android and WhatsApp Web version as well. I am sure you will now be able to use multiple accounts on the same or different devices without any problem.

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