Download YouTube Kids Apk For Android OS 2017

Download YouTube Kids Apk: This app is certainly designed for kids to explore content and discover more than few channels they love and watch. Children these days love to watch cartoons and toy reviews well you can find all that stuff much accurately through this app. Not just watching videos but you can find more stuff like music, games and learn from different content creators.

Before we continue, let me tell you that in this post we are going to learn more about YouTube kids, the app review and also the download guide. So, if you are wondering why to use this app or how to download YouTube kids then simply start reading our post below.

The app is well designed and suited for kids to watch and learn; in fact the navigation is more unique than the original app. We can find navigation icons that are simply highlighted and standing out, such that kids or parents can click on them with ease. This gives users such as kids more benefit as they can simply click on their favorite categories such as shows, videos and more to watch.

Download YouTube Kids Apk For Android OS 2017

Why to use YouTube Kids rather than using YouTube?

First question you might wonder and ask is that why should I use YouTube kids rather than using the normal YouTube apps? Well the main objective of the YouTube kids versions is that kids from all across the globe can find content that is both creative and at the same time resourceful.

In case if you find any video or content that is disturbing then simply flag the video, and it will vanish from your search results. Obviously this is an automated system which means all the content shown on YouTube kids if already on main YouTube, but with clean results and videos. This is done because children never have to come across videos that are vulgar, harmful or distracting to them in any form. In fact every parent throughout the world wants such a good streaming environment for their children. If you ask me as an adult, I would surely advise you to go on and let your children use YouTube kids right away.

Download YouTube Kids Apk For Android OS – Install YouTube Kids App on Android

Well if you want to let your children learn from resourceful content and videos from YouTube, you can start using YouTube Kids app. So let me show you exactly how you can install YouTube Kids app on Android Smartphone.

  • First let us open the Google App Store app from Android Smartphone
  • Next search for the app, YouTube Kids and install it
  • Similar to any other app, this will take a bit of time to be installed
  • Finally in a minute we will have YouTube Kids app installed!


YouTube Kids app is something that every parent must let their children use and in fact, in this way we are offering children a clean version of YouTube. In this version, we can let children find content that is useful for studies and progress while they can also find enjoyable videos for fun and entertainment. But at the end of the day YouTube kids app is a better way of letting children use YouTube without any harmful content or distraction.

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