Download ZArchiver Apk For Android OS 2017

ZArchiver App Download: Compressing files on your desktop computer might seem easy and indeed it is easy on desktop but when it comes to Android we might not have the finest options till today. But we have an amazing app by the name ZArchiver which is one of the best archive programs for Android platform. This app comes with a blunt and simple interface where users can simply compress any folder or file to any of the Zip format they like.

The app itself has a file explorer which is only useful or encoded with the app, so that users can search through the folders and select files which we want to compress. If you have ever used programs like 7Zip or Winrar for Windows, then ZArchiver will feature the same features and interface as well.

Once you have selected any file, then you can click on it such that a “Create archive” popup will appear. Under the popup we will be able to add the archive name, select the archive format and also the compression level as well. You can also select the encryption type from the list of available ones, and if you want then you can also add a password for more protection.

Download ZArchiver Apk For Android OS 2017

ZArchiver App Features

Let us think that if you want to send a bunch of pictures through WhatsApp then it might takes some time to select all the pictures and sending them also takes time. But if you use tools like ZArchiver to compress all those pictures into one single Zip file then it becomes easy. And at a time like this compressing tool comes in handy, such that we will be able to compress files, folder and different documents into any of the archive format.

This app also has compress level section option with a bunch of different levels which include, normal, medium and high. Now when it comes to decompressing a file we can either extract files to any of the selected location under any specified name we like. And you also have an option either to test the compressed file to check whether it is corrupted or not.

How to download ZArchiver Apk For Android OS 2017

Now you might wonder how to send multiples files at once through email or some messaging app because sending tons of files would take a long time. But with the help of ZArchiver app we can simply compress all those files into a single folder ZIP file and send it to anyone we like. But before that you would need to download the app on your Android device and install it as well.

So you can follow the below instructions, where I will show you how to download ZArchiver app from Google play store directly. As a matter of fact we do not need to use any Apk from unknown sources because the app has been released for Android officially.

Download ZArchiver Apk

Firstly you can click here to visit ZArchiver download page on Google Play store and then click on “Install” button. Then the app will be installed and once done we will be able to use it for compressing and decompressing files.


ZArchiver is a fine Android 7zip app that comes with a simple interface and lets users create archives easily. It can also decompress and compress files, folders and different Zip files with just few clicks on the screen. It also has multiple processing features which is great for those who want o compress multiple files at once.

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