Edit Any Website Using “document body contenteditable true document designmode on void 0”

How to edit any website: I was randomly browsing some websites and I came up with a thought whether I could edit websites like FaceBook and Google. Then I found a really useful trick which enables any one to website a website using a simple JavaScript.

So basically using this JavaScript we will be able to change website design and UI simply, but this thing is really funny. And it does not require any coding knowledge, all you have to is make use of this code,“document body contenteditable true document designmode on void 0”.

Still you might be new to this and want to try this trick out of fun, but still wondering whether it would be harmful or so? Then let me tell you that this trick of editing websites is not harmful and can be used without any worries.

How does this Trick work? – How to use “  document body contenteditable true document designmode on void 0” JavaScript

So basically what we will be doing is that simple enable the above listed JavaScript which will enable us to edit and change some values of any website.  For example if you like to use this code on FaceBook page, then you can either your FB page name or change like count also.

How to Edit Any Website Using JavaScript Code – Tutorial

Let us now get into the guide on how you can easily make use of our little JavaScript code that will help you to edit any website. Even I am not a coder, but using this guide was pretty easy to me and believe me will find it easy to implement as well.

We will be taking FaceBook page as an example; in this case we will be editing the page name and values for an example

How to Edit Any Website Like Facebook or Google
  • In the second step we will copy and paste the below listed JavaScript code in the address bar of the same web page

javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

  • After that you will be able to change any text, value or number on the webpage as you like
  • You can view the example below in which a FaceBook page name has been changed
How to Edit Any Website Like Facebook or Google

This is how you can easily edit any website text and names to have some fun. You can even change your FaceBook friend profile name and send them the edited page pictures through chat. And later look at their reaction and how awfully they react to you coding skills.

It is to be understood that the changes made through this code and are only on the client’s end, which means at your server end. It means that the changes made are temporary ones and will not be permanent.


In this way you can make use of the above listed JavaScript code to change names of websites and temporarily edit any website. I am sure you will have some fun with this code by editing website names and doing funny things following our above guide.

In case you still have any problem following my guide or so, then please let me know your query in below comments section. And we will try to solve your issue regarding this topic on how to edit any website using JavaScript.

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