How To Factory Reset MacBook Pro Air 2017

Factory Reset MacBook Pro: MacBook Pro is one of the finest advanced laptops we can find in this era of technology. But do you think that your MacBook Pro is slowly dying due to so much of data filled in and it lags every now and then. You might have used it for months and years together installing games, files, software which might have lead your device to this stage. And now you might be wondering is there any possible solution that can convert your slow MacBook Pro into a new one right away?

Well most of you might have heard about Factory Reset feature which is a sure thing available in every modern day gadget. We have the same feature on our MacBook Pro device as well and using this simple feature we can completely reset our device to its original form. Well this feature only clears and wipes the whole data and software of the device which in turn gives users a new interface with a swift moving laptop.

How To Factory Reset MacBook Pro Air 2017

How To Factory Reset MacBook Air – Erase MacBook Pro/Air

Not every time you might have a laggy or slow MacBook Pro laptop which you might want to wipe all clean. But sometimes we tend to sell our laptop online or to any one we’ve know and that time we might not want our files and data to be in someone else hands. So, all you can do is do a complete factory reset for your MacBook Pro laptop which will surely cleanly wipe all the data and you can sell your laptop to anyone you like. So now you don’t have to worry about the files and data being accessed by the new owners of the laptop.

Precautions before Resetting MacBook Pro/Air

As we all know that Mac devices are licensed to one particular users and when you want to sell it or give the laptop away. You might consider following the below precautions which can be listed below:

Back up your MacBook Air or Pro

Well every MacBook laptop comes with a feature called Time Machine Backup which will help you make a clone of your device files and save data effectively. Or else you can even copy all the important files, movies, and data to an external SSD.

Sing Out of all services

Well in case if you want to give away or sell your device I would advise you to sing out of all the IOS, MAC related services from your laptop right away. Below are the services which you need to sign out of the laptop.

  • iTunes
  • iMessages
  • iCloud

How To Factory Reset MacBook Pro Air 2017

Now as we have made a backup of the complete data and files of our MacBook Pro, we can now begin our guide to reset it now. Simply follow thee below instructions:

How To Factory Reset MacBook Air – Erase MacBook Pro/Air
  • First you need to restart your MacBook Pro laptop
  • After that you have to press Command+R till the time you see Apple logo on the screen
  • Next we need to select the app “Disk Utility” click on continue button
  • Now we have to select “Startup Disk” option and select the “Erase” option from the top tabs
  • And select “Mac OS Extended” from the menu which has popup and click on “Erase” button
  • Finally we will now have reset out device completely!


Finally we can now completely factory reset our MacBook Pro laptop and next comes the part where you can reinstall MAC OS with a complete new start. If you wish to sell it, then do not sign in with your IOS or MAC related services.

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