Find Where Do Airdrop Files Go on iOS and MacOS 2017

Where Do Airdrop Files Go: Do you own an iPhone or iPad then you might have already heard about Airdrop which is the best wireless transfer service for IOS. Well simply this is an awesome service which allows wireless transfer of files between iPhone, iPad and Mac products. But did you ever wonder where these shared files go when the transfer is completed.

Well assume that you have shared a video or picture which can be found through gallery and videos with a single click. To my amusement I wondered where do Airdrop files go really. Though we can find them in gallery or so but knowing the original location of transferred files might be helpful at times.

Before you go and follow this tutorial you need to have received files on Airdrop from another device. So I guess you can transfer any picture or file from your macOS desktop to your iPhone Airdrop and then continue with our guide.

Find Where Do Airdrop Files Go on iOS and MacOS 2017

What is Airdrop and is it recommended

So most of you already know what Airdrop is but let me explain it such that you can understand how useful it can be. So Airdrop is an official ad-hoc service which is available for macOS and IOS OS devices which include Mac desktop, laptop, iPhone and iPad devices. So the basic operation of this tool is that we can transfer files and data between any macOS or IOS related devices without use of any external service.

Airdrop simply makes use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of both the devices to send and transfer files such that we won’t need any external service such as iCloud or more. Another good feature is that we can either select from our contacts to send files or else select “everyone” option to transfer to any device nearby. We can simply consider this as Bluetooth but a much faster version that is only built for IOS and macOS devices. You can continue reading below the tutorial that will you help find the saved location of Airdrop files.

Find out where do Airdrop files go on Mac OS X 2017 – Tutorial

The Airdrop feature is available on both IOS and macOS platform as well, so I will be sharing guides for both the OS. Simple don’t get confused because I will be sharing Airdrop location for iPhone and Mac desktop devices.

Airdrop files location for IOS

So it might get little jumbled but Airdrop follows a well manner to save different file formats in their respective locations. In simple terms images will get saved in Pictures, video files in Videos and simillary with others as well.

Airdrop files location for macOS

It gets simple in terms of Mac desktop or laptop series, where all Airdrop files are saved in “Downloads” folder.

Find Where Do Airdrop Files Go


So now you have an idea where do Airdrop files go, such that we will be able to find those transferred files between two devices. Most of the times people find it hard or annoying at times that they cannot reach the Airdrop files location. But this task is really simple you simply have to follow the above steps and finding the Airdrop files location will be a simple task.

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