How To Fix Google Play Services Errors 2017

Fix Google Play Services Error 2017: If you own an Android device then you might have come across some issues related to Google Play services app. Well sometimes you might be simply operating your phone and it might suddenly stop and error such as “Unfortunately Google play services has stopped” error on Android. So this error pops up randomly whenever you try to use your phone apps or games while configuring other stuff. To be precise Google Play Services app is an important Android core app which helps to run it without any problem, while dealing with other apps sign in, sign out and update as well.

Did you ever think of why all your game data are saved automatically, it is so because once you have logged with your account. Play services will make sure all the app related data are saved so that Android users will not lose their progress. At the same time some people have also encountered an issue similar to the first one related to Google play services as well. This error is “Google play services won’t update”, so the error is quite simple but most of the times we find it amusing or hard to solve.

How To Fix Google Play Services Errors 2017

Why Google Play Service Errors Are Caused?

If you ask me why errors related to Google play services related errors are caused, then these errors are due to users end. When you are playing a game or using an app, the data which has to be processed might not be processed successfully. So this problem is caused due to the failure of the process and can be solved if you update the app and follow the below guide.

So the first error, which is Google Play services has stopped, is related to over usage of the app, which means Play services app could not process successfully. It means you either have to clean your Cache or else erase the app data to continue. Now when it comes to the second problem it is quite simple because the issue is due to update of the app. So we can simply update the app from either Google App store or from other market source.

How To Solve Google Play Services Errors 2017

So to be precise there are two important errors related to Google play services which has caused so much trouble for many Android users. So I will be sharing the method which will help you solve this problem quickly without any issues.

How To Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Error

So the first we can solve this error is by clearing the app cache which can be followed from below instructions:

How To Fix Google Play Services Errors 2017
  • So first open your Android phone and go to settings section
  • After that click on Applications and select “Application Manager”
  • Next click on All button and then find “Google Play Services” app from there
  • Finally clear the cache by clicking on Clear Cache button

How To Fix Google Play Services Won’t Update

If you are wondering why Google play services won’t update, then the app might be outdated or it has not been updated with the last OS update. In this case you can simply head over to Google play store to download the app or use any other app store as well.


Once you have updated your Google Play services app you can now use other games and work related apps without any problem. Android has different core apps which help to run it without any problem and Google play services app is one among them. Make sure to keep this app updates so that you won’t be facing any more issues like, Unfortunately Google Play services has stooped or won’t update error.

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