Fix iPhone Sound Not Working And No Sound On iPhone Error

iPhone Sound Not Working: There are millions of iPhone users in the world and at the same time we receive so many complains and errors with them. Well most of the times the errors such as this one, iPhone sound not working are major ones but can be solved in no time. Well there might be many issue like this in future as well so we have to make sure how to solve this issue in the future as well.

We have recently discussed about sound not working on MAC, and today we will be dealing with how to solve iPhone sound not working issue. Well this problem has been seen throughout every iPhone, I can recall even iPhone 4 sound not working issues were registered. On the other hand I believe even iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 plus users might face same issues that audio is not working on their devices.

If you think it’s just audio then some users have complained “My volume on my iPhone is not working” and all it leads to is no sound on iPhone which is a pretty bad situation to be in. Even though we’ve recently witnessed the release of Apple AirPods, errors like this one cannot be escaped. But these can be solved with in a limited time by following our guide below.

Fix iPhone Sound Not Working And No Sound On iPhone Error

iPhone no sound on calls – No Sound On iPhone Video Error

Most of the times when you hear no sound on calls on iPhone and even no video sound, then the cause might be is volume is down.

  • Make sure the volume, notification and media volume is always at high or preferred levels
  • Also check that whether the mute is enabled by mistake
iPhone no sound on calls – No Sound On iPhone Video Error

iPhone stuck in Headphone Mode

Most of the times when iPhone is stuck in Headphone mode, we receive error and iPhone says headphones are in when they are not. In simple terms you have removed the headphones but still the iPhone 6S is stuck in headphone mode. It might seem to be software issue to the most but it is probably caused due to headphone jack issue.

Software Check

First let us make sure that no software related problem has been causing your iPhone to be stuck in headphone mode. For that we have to follow the below instructions:

  • Restart your iPhone and give it a break of 1 or 2 minutes to properly load and function
  • Now open your iPhone device and check whether the audio is playing like always

If not then, the problem is not caused due to software related issue and might probably be due to Hardware problem.

Hardware Check

Even after restarting a couple of times, your iPhone is stuck in Headphones mode even when you’ve removed the headphones. So, now we are pretty sure that this is not a software related problem and we can narrow down the problem to Headphone jack damage.

There could be two ways in which your Headphone jack might be damaged and they are

  • First one is that your iPhone headphone jack is damaged due to falling down and it has to be repaired at a repair store directly.
  • Next issue could be, some debris or junk might have been stuck inside your headphone jack all the time. It can be solved by air compressing the jack if required or else tap the phone from the other side of the headphone jack.

It might work, and if this solution does not even work then we can stick a needle or pen refill through the jack in order to remove the junk through it. Once done with all the process of removing the junk, just reboot your iPhone once and the problem will be solved.


Finally you will be able to solve “iPhone sound not working” issue on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 Plus devices as well. I surely think you will never be complaining that my iPhone volume is not working after reading this guide. But if you still face the problem that no sound on iPhone device, then let me know the problem through below feedback section.

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