How To Fix MacBook Pro Running Slow Easily 2017

MacBook Pro Running Slow: Are you a MacBook Pro user? Then sometimes you might have thought suddenly that why my MacBook Pro so slow is? Well if you find your device running slow, and then let me be clear that it is really running slow and this might yield problems while working at times.

Well MAC desktop and laptop devices like MacBook Pro and Air are really fine piece of gadgets created for modern working men. These products are fast, portable and really reliable which makes them so unique that the MacBook fan base is crazy out there.

So we are going to discuss the reasons why you’re MacBook Pro and MAC desktop is going to run slow. In fact most of us know the reason but we always neglect the reason behind it until it breaks down to the edge.

How To Fix MacBook Pro Running Slow Easily 2017

In case if your MacBook is slowing down just from the first few days or month of the purchase, then you seriously need to take it to the repair shop. It is because, from my experience any laptop or working gadgets work surely fine for a period of 5 – 8 months. During this period the product is at its first class performance and surely can handle huge workloads as well. So, In case if you are MacBook Pro is slowing down after some period of time, then it might be because of the issues listed below.

Firstly I thought I should be listing the reasons why your MAC is slowing down and later list how to fix them separately. But as you can all see, what I’ve done is list different reasons why your MacBook Pro and Air are slowing down with their accurate solution as well.

So all you’ve got to do now is sit back and read the below guide, which will surely guide to make your device run faster.

Problem – 1: MacBook Pro Slow Startup – Hard Disk is Full

Now once you’ve filled up your Hard Disk which ranges around 128 GB, 512 GB and 1TB that is quite enough for office work. But we all fill our MacBook devices with stuff like movies, music and everything that can fit in possibly. Once most the hard disk is filled, laptop will become slow due to insufficient memory.

Even the main disk where the OS is installed might be nearly filled which sure causes the MacBook Pro Slow startup problem. And the perfect solution for this is to clean up MAC hard drive which can be shown below.

MacBook Pro Slow Startup – Hard Disk is Full

Solution -1: How To Clean Up MAC Hard Drive – CleanMyMac 3

The best possible way of cleaning the MAC hard drive is by making use of CleanMyMac3 software for your MacoBok device. If you don’t know then CleanMyMac 3 is really good software for MAC desktop and laptop platforms which can empty down disks in no time. We can even use it for cleaning all the hard drive to get more free space from the unwanted and miscellaneous files.

So once you download the software, just open it and navigation being pretty good will guide to the complete process. And you will be able to empty free space from the disk and all the hard drive in no time.

Problem – 2 and Solution: Update Outdated OS X

Yes Outdated OS is a serious problem for every gadget and product in the tech world and the same goes for MAC products. If you own a MacBook Pro then you might consider updating you OS to the latest version from your device directly.

In order to do so, you can either go to MAC OS official website online or download the latest version of the OS X accordingly. Or else from settings > about, you can click on “Update” button which will search for new OS released and download it for you. And the next is up to you to either install the news Operating System version or continue with the old one.

Update Outdated OS X

Problem – 3 and Solution: Hard Disk Failure – Just Replace It

In case if it comes to regular MacBook restarts, then you might be looking at hard disk failure which probably is a horrible thing. But before the whole hard disk fails we’ve got some time here, and in this mean time just backup all your files through an external hard drive with in no time.

Once you’ve backed up all the files, you can go to the nearby Mac repair store to get a new hard disk inserted. Sorry to say but replacing hard drive will cost you around $200 at least but if you’ve got warranty then it could be repaired for free of cost..


I am guessing you’ve learned how easy and effective it could be to run your MacBook Pro without slowing down. And after reading this guide I am sure you will have no problem running your MAC, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air at high speed without any sowing down or glitches.

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