How To Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Error

Snapchat Won’t Open: Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging and social networking app for Android and IOS platform. It has got like millions of active users every day and believe me it gives tough competition to apps like FaceBook and WhatsApp as well. But every app has some minus points and today we will be addressing the issue of Snapchat keeps on crashing.

You might be using Snapchat app for a long time now but does your app keeps on crashing and won’t open? If yes, then don’t consider your alone because there tons of users who have the same issue with the Snapchat app. Last week even one of my pals called me and said that his Snapchat App won’t open. Well to be frank this issue of Snapchat Won’t open is really a common one and you can find the solution for it below.

Don’t be so sad that you are not able to properly utilize the Snapchat filters and save amazing Snapchat stories to your Smartphone.

How To Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Error

How to Solve Snapchat Won’t Open Issue?

So the first issue we will be addressing is Snapchat Won’t open and this problem has been massively reported by numerous Android users. But as a matter of fact, IOS users have been least affected by this problem and that kind of buzzes me. But everything aside, let me show you how to solve the issue of Snapchat won’t open on Android OS.

  • First we have to open your Android Smartphone
  • Then go to settings and select the application manager from there
  • Now we have to browse from the list of apps and select Snapchat app
  • Then click on it, next click on “Clear Cache” and “Delete Data” button

After that restart your phone and start using the Snapchat app like everyday

Surely this guide will help you solve the issue of Snapchat won’t open and this error will never appear on your screen once again. And if it does, then just apply the same guide like you did now.

Solution To Stop Snapchat From Crashing

Now the second issue is that some time after opening the Snapchat app, it keeps on crashing and this problem is kind of intense. Both Android and IOS users have encountered this error, so don’t get in a corner that you are alone with this issue.

In order to solve this issue of Snapchat keeps crashing we will have to update our Android or IOS OS current version. So as to update your OS version, you have to go to settings > General > and click on software update.

And after that all you have to do is uninstall your Snapchat app from your device and reinstall it right away with a reboot.


Geez, this was a hefty guide to write but won’t be hard enough to understand or make use of in order to open your Snapchat app. Guys just open your app like wise and share stories with friends, apply filter & don’t forget to give your feedback below.

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