Fix Sound Not Working On MAC MacBook Pro

Sound Not Working On MAC: I have seen many MAC users complaining that their sound is not working and has audio issues all over the time. Well I thought this issue might be related to just MAC desktop, but recently my friends said that he has the same problem on this MacBook Air laptop. Well I asked him for the error code and he said, the sound is not working on MacBook Air and there is not error code related to it. So, let me clear that the audio and sound problem is caused due to different issues and these can be fixed with in no time.

If you the Mac Internal Speakers are not working, then this could be solve but we have to apply few diagnostic methods at first And the last error some users are even complaining about is “No output device is found On Mac” which is not a big deal to take care about it. And all you need to know is it can be fixed and it is sure that you haven’t broken your MAC device yet.

No Output Device Found On Mac – Missing Audio Output Solution

Well this one has been the rare case for MAC users that an error appears saying “No output device found” on Mac and audio output is also missing. Just to be clear that this audio problem is both related to output and internal speakers of the MAC device.

We can assume the Output device to be an Internal Speaker, External Speaker or Headphones and even an Ear bud would work. The problem is that from settings, the output device might have been removed due to some changes made by the user itself. Sometimes we might hit options more than we know and errors like this appear on the screen. But this error alone causes a lot of trouble that we cannot play audio through either internal speakers or external as well. But at the same time solving it is also easy which I will be showing below.

Fix Sound Not Working On MAC MacBook Pro
  • First open your MAC desktop or MacBook Air laptop
  • Then go to the Apple menu and select “System Preferences”
  • And after that go to “Sound” panel and select the “Output” tab
  • Now go to “Internal Speakers” by selecting it as the Output device
  • Now you can adjust the sound balance if you like to and select the output volume as well
  • Finally save the changes and the sound will be properly working on your MAC device once again

Disable Mute Option

Now if you’ve followed the above steps, then you might have seen the “Mute” option at the Output tab previously. But still let me make this clear that if in case “Mute” is enabled, then Audio will not be played on your MAC device. It is because enabling Mute option will, mute all the audio from being played and hence even after selecting an Output device the audio won’t play.

Make sure Volume is Up

Most of the time we might tend to makes this mistake that, we almost set out volume to zero and no audio will be played. So, make sure to check whether you have enabled audio and it is loud enough that you can hear it out loud.

Well in this case we have selected Internal Speakers as the output device to perform audio output and you can select other options if you like to. For example we can select external speakers and this would allow you to connect Mac Audio to headphones, earbuds and speakers as well.

Finally you will be able to use your MAC right the way it used to work with proper audio and music all the time. If you still face an error related to Sound not working on MAC, then let us know through the comments section.

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