Fix “Unfortunately, System UI Has Stopped” Error On Android OS 2017

Unfortunately, System UI has stopped: Many Android users who have recently upgraded to the latest version of Android OS, such as Nougat has been causing error such as “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped”. Well this error crashes the UI system, such that the Smartphone will stop working properly and it requires few restarts before it starts working properly. There are many reasons why this error on your Android device can be caused; out of which recently upgraded OS is the main cause.

Most of the times the System UI errors on Android is caused due to Firmware issue, which is newly updated Firmware is not properly designed. If you have installed any third party launcher on your device, then it might also lead to this problem in fact. On the other hand if some of the important apps on your device are filled with corrupted cache and data this problem might arise. And in Samsung devices, outdated TouchWiz app can also be causing this error.

Fix “Unfortunately, System UI Has Stopped” Error On Android OS 2017

How to solve “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” error on Android OS 2017

If the Android system UI itself does not work then the whole Smartphone experience can be ruined and in fact it causes huge trouble as well. But don’t worry because this might seem to be a huge problem, then it can be resolved with in no time using the below steps.

Method 1 – Update Google App

So the best way to solve this issue of System UI has stopped is by updating or removing recent updates from the Google App, which I will show you below.

Fix “Unfortunately, System UI Has Stopped” Error On Android OS 2017
  • So first you have to open your Smartphone, then go to settings
  • Next go to Application Manager and find “Google App”
  • Now you have to click on “Uninstall Updates” button

And thus the error ‘Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” will be gone forever, it is because we have un installed the recent Google App updates.

Method 2 – Clear Data on Google App

If you still find that the both the error code “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” and “Process stopped” are not yet solved. Then you should cleat data from the Google App, which means to clear old corrupted data.

  • Go to Application Manager > “Google App” and click on “Clear Data” option

Method 3 – Update Google App from Google Play Store

In case if any of the above methods do not work, then the last resort would be to update the Google App to the latest version using Google Play Store app.

  • Open your Google Play Store app and then search for “Google”
  • Now select the Google App and click on “Update” button
  • Then the latest updates will be downloaded and installed automatically

Once the update is completed, we can find that all the System UI errors that have been occurring will be solved forever. But make sure you update your Google app timely, so that this error might not be caused again.


So now you can continue on using your Android Smartphone without any problem by solving “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” error. Once you have applied all the methods from above guide, this error “Process stopped” will be solved finally.

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