How To Fix Touch ID Failed Error On IOS Devices

Touch ID Failed Error: iPhone has fingerprint reader which is also known officially as Touch ID and mostly everyone might know about. Most of you might be using iPhone 5s, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 along with iPhone 7 Plus and all these devices have Touch ID. Now when it comes to iPad series, we can find Touch ID present on iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro as well. So you could have been using Touch ID for a long time or for a little too, but sometimes the touch id fails which is sure an annoying thing.

Before I get into the guide to explain how touch id fails, we will be learning the use of Touch ID for IOS devices. In this modern world we find it hard and at times complex to unlock lock screen on iPhone and iPad devices. But with the help of Touch ID we can log into our iPhone or iPad screen with just a single touch, and this feature is really an interesting one. Not just it can unlock your IOS devices, we can even make use of it to log into Amazon and different services as well. So, it works as a effective fingerprint touch id and also as a means to log in to different apps.

How To Fix Touch ID Failed Error On IOS Devices

So when Touch ID fails we find it hard and most importantly really annoying to log in back to our IOS device. Most of you might have the IOS pass code already setup which could serve as an alternative to the Touch ID failed. But trying the pass code every time is time taking to be frank and in this world of hustle, we like doing things fast. And using the Touch ID we could even log into different apps like Amazon, Last Pass and many more.  Since the Touch ID fails, we cannot log into our Amazon account directly and must browse the apps section to open it. At the end of the day touch id is an important feature and using an IOS device without seems really frustrating.

So let us really waste no time and get into the easiest ways through which we can solve the touch id failed error.

Method – 1: Retrain Touch ID

Now as we all known that Touch ID is a fingerprint based sensor and most of the times what happens is that the device might have lost your fingerprint. In order to solve this issue we simply have to input another fingerprint by deleting the previous one and make this fingerprint as primary touch id sensor.

  • First open your iPhone device and then go to settings
  • After that select “Touch ID & Passcode” option and after that enter your passcode
  • In the next screen we will find different fingerprint screen we’ve previously loaded
  • Now swipe right to left over each fingerprint in order to delete them
  • Once it is done, click on “Add a Fingerprint” button and retrain your Touch ID

Tada! This is how you can simply add a new fingerprint and a new touch id within no time. I guess this should surely solve your problem.

Method – 2 – Touch ID Is Broken

This case could be considered to be the worst case even for any iPhone or iPad user, that their Touch ID is broken. I know this might sound suspriing to you but make sure to check whether your Touch ID is broken or not. And if it is broken, then this is the reason why you cannot log in to your device with the finger print sensor.

How to fix it? Well you simply cannot do it yourself and needs to be repaired through an offline iPhone repair store. I am pretty sure the cost of the repair would be less than $100, but price might not be the same everywhere. So, go to the repair store and check for yourself on how you can get the touch id repaired.


Now you know how easy it is solve the touch id failed error, and believe me it takes less than few minutes to be solved. In the worst case scenario your touch id sensor might be broke which can be replaced in nearby iPhone store.

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