How To Force Quit MAC Apps Easily

How To Force Quit Mac: In this guide we are going to discuss on how we can force quit apps on MAC OS platform and most people simply call it Force quit MAC.  MAC users are increasing every day and this OS is one of the finest in the world.  But every good thing has errors and same with MAC OS it that, we find it hard and sometimes difficult to quit some apps on MAC OS.

In such a case the only solution to quit an app is to force quit MAC to quite those apps directly. But do you know how to do it? If not then don’t worry because we are going to review and discuss few of the finest method which will surely guide us to force quit MAC apps easily.

Now if are thinking that this problem is on high stakes and you don’t have skills enough to cancel apps on MAC. Let me say this is not a big problem or error that cannot be solved or so, all you have to do is just have few basic computing skills. And the below guide will surely help you to cancel and force quit MAC OS X apps with ease.

Why To Force Quit Mac Apps? – Reasons to Force Quit Apps On MAC OS X

I have already answered this question in the above paragraph; let me say it once again that sometimes apps on MAC become unstable. And in such a case those apps are not responding and at the same time they cannot be canceled to resolve the issue directly. And this is the reason why we will have to force quit these apps running on your MAC desktop and laptop platform as well.

How To Force Quite MAC – Steps To Force Quit Apps On MAC Platform

Here comes the important guide and the vital part of our article where you will learn basic steps required to force quit MAC apps at any time.

  • Force Quit Mac Apps Using Activity Monitor

Many of you might have used Activity Monitor app and here it can be used to force quit Mac apps as shown in the below process:

Some people might get worried when I used the world Activity Monitor because some know it by name, Task Manager as well.

Force Quit Mac Apps Using Activity Monitor
  • Now open the Activity Monitor or Task Manager
  • Select the app you want to cancel and click on it
  • After that three options will popup, select “Quite” or “Force Quit” option

And this will force quit the app  on your MAC OS easily, to be frank this was the simplest method out of all and you will find it way easy to use too.

  • Force Quit MAC Apps Using Keyboard Shortcut

Yes there are always shortcuts for everything on most of the operating platforms and this is the same with MAC OS. Below you can find the combination of keyboard letter which form a shortcut that can force quit any apps.

Force Quit MAC Apps Using Keyboard Shortcut
  • Force Quit Applications Using Terminal

I know you are looking for methods that are simple, but most of the easy are listed above. But this method makes use of terminal which might be a bit new to you, but following below steps will get you along well:

  • Open the Terminal App from Applications > Utilities > Terminal
  • Use the below command to kill a certain app, and you can replace the app name

killall [processname]

Force Quit Applications Using Terminal
  • For example we can use killall Finder, which will force quit finder app


I guess this article will guide on the process to force quit MAC apps with the very basic skills required indeed. And all you have to do is just make use of some shortcuts and command terminals that will help you cancel and force quit apps on MAC OS X platform.

I am wondering you will surely understand the guide above and if you don’t then why not comment your problem in below comment’s section.

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