Full Metal Panic Season 4 Release Date 2018 Confirmed

Full Metal Panic Season 4: The fourth season of the anime is titled with the name Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory and it suggests that the team has to face new challenges to gain victory. This show was set to be released in 2017 fall season itself but Xebec decided to release it during the April, 2018. Well I forgot to mention that FMP Season 4 was announced long time ago and the production was completed during 2017 only. Well in this article we will be discussing about the release date along with the new season story which will surely amaze you.

I started watching this anime few years ago and since then it has become one of my favorite action mecha anime series where the lead is kind of awesome. If you are looking to spend your time on something worthy to binge watch then I would advise you to watch this anime right now. And the best part is that Full Metal Panic season 4 has been announced and it will be online very soon as well. It has been 12 years since the last season was released and this made fans really fill with joy that they can see their favorite anime once again.

Full Metal Panic Season 4 Release Date 2018 Confirmed

Full Metal Panic Season 4 Story, Plot, Characters and More 2018

The FMP season 4 will be based on original series and it will be the continuation from the season 3 which is good news for all the fans. Some rumors had it that this new season will be based on a spin off story which fans started to hate because they loved the original series and wanted it to be the same. This new series will start from the sixth volume of the light novel and it will skip most of the filler content as well.  Since the writers have enough content from the light novel it is being said that this new season will have 24 episodes.

But the way I see it even if the season 4 has 24 episodes then we can have enough volumes for one more season or even a movie as well. But not much confirmation is made about the other projects which are surely being kept in for later period of time. The Full Metal Panic season 4 trailer was released sometime back and we could see many new events from the trailer itself. Some fans think that this trailer speaks that the season 4 will be more about Mecha action but not about Romance comedy.

Well it is just a trailer so we cannot say much but I think that this show will contain all the elements as well. The new season sotry is going to about the assaults on Mithril stations all over the country by some terrorist organization. Sagara Sousuke is going to be asked to find and eliminate the terrorist who are responsible for attacking Mithril. So this new season is going to be awesome because it will contain both comedy and action as well.

Full Metal Panic Season 4 Characters and Their Roles

This season of Full Metal Panic will bring back all the five important main characters which include Sousuke, Kaname, Teletha, Kurz and Melissa as well. I know that you might be wondering who might be the Villain in the new season is going to be. But If I tell you all the important stuff right now then you might decide to just let go off the season 4. Weber Kurz, Mao Melissa and Sagara Sousuke will play covert agents who protect Chidori Kaname. Chidori Kaname knows about the reason why Sagara and his team are trying to protect her. At the same time Testraossa Teletha will play the role of Commander of the ship and Army.

Full Metal Panic Season 4 Release Date 2018 – When is the Full Metal Panic Season 4 Premier Date?

The anime series Full Metal has been one of the best Mecha and Action anime for a long time now and it has announced the fourth season during 2016 itself. But many fans thought that the show might not come for another season back. But the show is announced and the release date is also set which is great news for all the fans that are waiting for Full Metal Panic season 4 release date. Now coming straight to the point the Studio Xebec has announced that the fourth season will start from April, 2018.

Well the good news is that the show will come for another season during spring 2018 season. But no particular release date is announced till now which is something fans might be wondering about. But as a matter of fact since the release schedule season is announced the show will start from the first week of April, 2018. We have already discussed that this season will have 24 episodes but there are chances that it might be raised to 26 episodes also. Since there is enough content used from the light novel this new season is going to be long for sure.


The Full Metal Panic season 4 is going to be awesome because we will see Sousuke in more Mecha based action all the time. Not just action but we will also see some romance and great relation between the lead characters that we could not find in other seasons that much.

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