Halo 6 Release Date, Story, Trailer – Halo 7?

Halo 6 Release Date: Halo 6 is an upcoming game by Microsoft which is going to be the final chapter in the Halo Reclaimer Saga trilogy. This game will be based on the same storyline and will continue the same story as of the Halo 5: Guardians. It is first person shooter game with science fiction and drama as its secondary genre.

The previous Halo game named Halo 5: Guardians was released on October 27, 2015 which is really a massive game. This Halo game has been the best of all times with the two main characters Master Chief and Spartan Locke rocking all around.

In this guide we will be going to answer some important questions related to Halo 6 game and I know you will surely be interested in them. But before we start let me list out the things which we are going to discuss in depth below. We will be reviewing the Halo 6 game storyline, and compare it with the previous one to know whether will it follow the same storyline or not. Next come the part where we will discuss the game release date, trailer and possibility of Halo 7 game to happen.

Halo 6 Release Date, Story, Trailer – Halo 7?

Halo 6 Story – Halo 6 Master Chief Dies

The main question and every fan Halo fan might be wondering what will be the Halo 6 game story, is it going to be the same as old. The upcoming game will have a more human like story and will be far more different from the Guardian game. Since the previous game was all about finding the lost crew, the next game will focus on how both the crew command together and continue the gameplay. Unlike many other first person shooter games, Halo series has always been about emotions and sheer science fiction drama.

Well with superhuman strength soldier, it is absolute that the gameplay is going to as good as always. But when it comes to storyline the next game will end the Halo Trilogy which is going to be sad. But you don’t really have to be sad, because once this series is done. I am pretty sure that Microsoft will come up with a new Halo game series with new storyline and all.

When is Halo 6 Coming out? – Halo 6 Release Date

Now I am too nervous about the fact that Halo 6 is under development but what worries me is the game release date.  Halo 6 is part of the Halo saga named Reclaimer which began from the Halo 4 and Halo 6 will be the last part of the series. Since Halo 4 game was released on November, 2012 and the Halo 5 released on October 27, 2015. It took Microsoft almost 3 years for the next game to be released and this might be the same with next game to be released. So we are guessing that Halo 6 will be released in the mid 2017. And all those fans who are wondering when is Halo 6 coming out can calm down and wait for the game to be released in the mid 2017.

When is Halo 6 Coming out? – Halo 6 Release Date

Will there be a Halo 7

Since Halo 5: Guardian has been released during the October 27, 2015 and still the Halo 6 game release date is not yet answered. We are expecting that there will surely be another Halo game, which will be Halo 7 in terms of the game number.

But as a matter of fact, Halo 6 will conclude with the Halo 5 and previous game story. It means that the next Halo game which is Halo 6 will conclude the story till date and the next halo game will begin with a new one. It can be expected that in Halo 6 master chief dies and we can see some new character rising to the high peak in the next game.

Halo 6 Trailers – Halo 6 Game Trailer Teaser On YouTube

Well everyone in this era loves shooting and action games, and when it comes to Halo game series it never gets old. Halo games have always been improving and believe me the previous game was surely a good one and affordable too.

We all are waiting for the Halo 6 trailer on YouTube, but since the game is still under development. We might not get the trailer release in a bit of time, which can be around and a least take 5 – 10 months.

But once the game trailer is released on YouTube, I will be sharing the link of the video here. Well we all are pretty sure that the Halo 6 teaser will be an amazing one with high end graphics and details.

Halo 6 For Xbox One, PS4 and PC?

I know there are many people who are wondering will Halo 6 be released for Xbox One, PS4 or PC Version first. And to answer that Halo game series is developed by 343 Industries and published by Microsoft Studios. It means that the Halo game series is an important part of Microsoft and it won’t be released for any PlayStation console.

But the upcoming game, Halo 6 will surely be released for Xbox One gaming console at first and later it would be made available for Microsoft Windows PC as well. It is still unclear whether or not the Halo 6 game will be released for previous Xbox consoles namely, Xbox 360. Since, Halo 5 was only released for Xbox One and not for Xbox 360; I am assuming the same goes for this new game.


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