High School DxD Season 4 Hero Release Date 2018

High School DxD Hero Release Date: So all the fans of High School DxD anime series can now rest assured because the fourth season has been announced. It was during 2015 the last season which is the third season ended and till now no new seasons has been released. But now the High School DxD season 4 release date has been announced. So many fans were expecting that this year the fourth season was going to be released and it really happened. The fourth season of High School DxD anime is going to be released this year and the anime has been scheduled for spring 2018 anime season.

Well let me not drag down this topic too much and tell you the main part which is that this anime will be released in April, 2018. Yes, you’ve heard me right that the fourth season of such a popular anime will be released this April only. And this anime will be released with the title of High School DxD Hero which is different from last time.

High School DxD Season 4 Hero Release Date 2018

High School DxD Season 4 or High School DxD Hero? – High School DxD Hero Story 2018

If you are a fan of High School DxD anime series then you would know that they do not release titles or anime sequels with season 1 or season 2 names. But every time a new anime is released either a new word or something is added to the last, this time it is Hero. Well some fans might have the wrong idea that the fourth season is not going to be released. But instead of that a new prequel of the High School DxD anime might be released has been running as rumors online. And to make it clear let me explain and tell again that High School DxD fourth season is High School DxD Hero anime.

So since you have heard the topic title and the anime title has been changed with Hero, which might make things better in season 4. So the story of this season would be more about the main character and his role as a hero. He is always protected and is being helped by powerful harem of girls but what happens if he is alone to help them instead. I guess this time the main character will have to test their own abilities and risk their lives to save friends at the school.

High School DxD Hero Release Date 2018

So you might know that the all previous High School DxD anime seasons were 12 episodes long only. So this time also the fourth season of this anime will have 12 episodes that will run for 23 or 24 minutes per episode. You might already know about the anime release date which is scheduled to be released in spring 2018 during April month this year. Well make sure to clear your schedule to watch this anime live or else you can also stream this anime online. You can watch it on online streaming services such as Crunchyroll anytime after the original air date of episode has been passed.


The High School DxD Season 4 is now going to be released as High School DxD Hero and this show will have 12 episodes similar to all the previous seasons. At the same time High School DxD Hero release date has been announced and it will be during April, 2018. We will update this article shortly with more information regarding the anime release date and let you know.

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