Download Acestream Mac OS – How to use Acestream on Mac OS X

Acestream on Mac: Acestream is a popular multimedia streaming service that is one of the best when it comes to multimedia streaming on the Internet. They serve a large number of broadcast services with HD quality which makes their service reliable. We can find TV Shows, Cartoons, movies and more to stream in the best of audio and video quality. Other than the video multimedia we can also stream and listen to music that is abundant on their servers. This service has a protocol which helps to stream and play torrents without download which seems to be a nice feature. You can also use remote devices such as chromecast in order to stream media to TV or Apple TV directly.

Acestream has also released their official app for Android and IOS platform other than the Windows desktop only. Even the Smartphone users on both IOS and Android platform can enjoy streaming and viewing quality audio and video multimedia easily.

Download Acestream Mac OS – How to use Acestream on Mac OS X

What is Acestream Mac?

So there are many Mac users who want to download and use Acestream on Mac OS X which seems pretty good idea. But the Acestream app is not yet released for Mac platform and this is a problem for all Mac users. So you cannot directly install and start watching online using Acestream on Mac Desktop or laptop platforms. But we have another method which can help us solve, this problem and we are going to discuss it in this post.

In order to be clear, we are going to discuss how to use Acestream on Mac OS X using virtual machines. Well a virtualbox is simply a tool that once installed converts any platform into desired OS for particular program or software to run on it.

While using Acestream on Mac, if you come across errors such as “Torrent not available or invalid” then simply restarts the software and it will work properly. If not then reinstall the program with the latest version and this will resolve the issue ultimately.

How to use Acestream on Mac OS X – Download Acestream for Mac OS X 2017

As we have already said using Acestream multimedia streaming service on Mac can be done using a virtualbox.

  • So, we will be first downloading a virtualbox for Mac from here and install it as per online instructions on the official webpage
  • After virtualbox is installed, open it and keep it running in the background
  • We now have to download Acestream (Windows version) for Mac from
  • Once we have downloaded the Acestream installer file for Windows continue below
  • Next continue on with the installation and select “Local disk C” for installation directory
  • Then open the Acestream from Apps and simply start using it
  • Finally you have downloaded Acestream on Mac OS X!

Note: If the virtualbox does not work, then restart the program and set the virtualbox settings to Windows OS.


Don’t you think you can simply follow this guide and start using Acestream on Mac OS without any problem? I guess you won’t be having any problem, so enjoy playing music and videos on Mac using Acestream.

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