How To Fix Error 1671 On iOS iPhone/iPad 2017

Fix Error 1671: Some IOS users have complained that once they have updated to a new version, then an error 1671 is shown on the screen. This error is shown when you try to use iTunes which is used to update, download and install applications and helps in device management as well. So, due to this error it becomes hard to use the device and at times it annoys users very much. We can’t just say that there is a single reason behind this error it might be related to OS updated primarily.

Now let me begin with the reasons why this error occurs, the most common reason is that the OS is outdated which means your device is running on an old OS. Apple brings major updates once a year, but throughout the year we can have minor updates and upgrades such as IOS 10 to IOS 10.2.0 and more. Most of the times we think it are not necessary to update the OS which is a big mistake indeed and needs to be controlled.

To be precise this error 1671 causes a lot of trouble as iPhone users are not able to use iTunes practically and it pretty much annoys them. So, in this guide we will be going through the reasons why this error occurs and at the end we will show the error 1671 solution.

How To Fix Error 1671 On iOS iPhone/iPad 2017

Other reasons for Error 1671

So we have discussed the main reason why error 1671 occurs, but there are some more reasons which can also lead to this error. The second reason is that we have an outdated version of iTunes which can be solved easily by updating the app. And the third reason which is the rarest one is due to outdated antivirus and antivirus being infected with virus. As well all know that if the antivirus is outdated then it might not perform well, this means it can get infected with virus and in turn starts to infect the device as well.

The last reason could be that there are too many connections to the iPhone device through computer and other desktops. Well these were the only reasons why error 1671 would show when you try to use iTunes when you try to update, install apps.

How to fix Error 1671 IOS iPhone/iPad 2017

So let me get straight to the first method, which is to connect your iPhone to your computer and then updating through iTunes.

How To Fix Error 1671
  • So first you will have to disable any antivirus software
  • Next restart your device once and then connect it to your computer
  • After that open iTunes and then update the operating system once again
  • This time it will update your device to the latest IOS version1

Second method

If the first method does not work, then we also have the second method which is very simple:

  • So first disable your antivirus program like before
  • Then you have to go to app store and then update iTunes app
  • Finally update the iTunes app and it will start working properly again!


Once you have followed all the above methods and made sure that no unnecessary USB cable is connected, and then you can easily get rid of error 1671. I am sure once you follow this guide and do a quick reboot your device will be working fine like charm again.

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