What Is About:Blank Page – How To Use About Blank Page

About Blank Page: Internet browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and many others are used by millions of daily browsers who love to load and use different Web Pages. Now comes the part when most of the people around the web like to see just a blank page on their web browser.  So, those users simple select to use about:blank address which will load a simple blank page that is white and neat, without any disturbance. You might wonder what kind of a page it is but it is just  a simple webpage which does not show anything else than a blank page.

There is not much hype or knowledge required to understand what this topic is all about. It is simply about using a blank page on any of your browser so that you don’t have to load anything other than a blank page.

What Is About:Blank Page – How To Use About Blank Page

Features Of About:Blank Page – Is about blank page useful?

Now before I take you into the actual part where you will learn how to use this about:blank page, we will understand what it is used for. Let me be clear that this page is nothing more than just a simple blank page that loads on your web browser with a simple web address code “About:Blank”.

  • When you paste or enter the about blank in your browser address bar, it will load a blank page
  • The blank page will not be loading any other web page that might disturb you
  • Sometimes it is better to load noting than staring at websites that eat up your bandwidth

Well these are few little features that you must look into before using this short cut of about blank page.

How to use About:Blank Page on Web Browsers – Guide

So you might be interested in learning how you can make use of about:blank page by following the below steps. All you have to do is copy and paste the code in your browser address section, which is simple but you can learn it below as well.

  • First you need to open your web browser, any web browser would work
  • Next copy and paste the below About Blank code in the address section of your web browser
  • About:Blank
  • Then click enter and a blank page will load automatically

Let me make it clear that this is a just a blank page and if you want to load any other web page, you can just close the tab or web page like you do always. There is no restrictions on how many times you can make use of this short code on your web browser.


So if you are a regular Internet guy, then there comes a part when you simple want to see a blank page rather than loading some web page around. At that time using this web address About:Blank will load a simple about blank page that you can start all the time you want.

There is no myth or hype around this topic about:blank to be frank and all it is used for is to load a simple blank page.

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