How To Use SFC Scannow Windows 10/7/8

SFC Scannow Windows 10: SFC Scannow is one of the tools that are available on Windows 10 platform which allows users to scan their system for corrupted files. Well this utility program tool is really an effective measure to scan for corrupted files present on our Windows platform.

SFC stands for system file checker in Windows 10 and the name itself explain that this utility tool will scan the Windows OS system files completely.  So I thought many users might not know how to make use of this tool and even access it as well. In this guide I will be showing you what SFC Scannow command it used for and how it can be run on Windows.

But before we get into the guide, you might want to know why we would need this SFC Scannow tool. Well sometimes our Windows 10 might get corrupted files and these cannot be solved easily through windows updates or any other tools. We have to make use of advanced options like SFC Scannow which can easily find the corrupted files and replace them as well.

How To Use SFC Scannow Windows 10/7/8

What is SFC Scannow Windows 10 – Why system file checker is used?

The scan command we are talking about is SFC Scannow which works with a command prompt of sfc/Scannow.  This command code is used to scan the protected files on windows and it will look for all the corrupted files. So, once the scan is done and sfc/Scannow on Windows OS is completed, it will replace all corrupted files. If you are wondering will there be any error or possible threat due to replacing of corrupted files. Then worry not because, this command sfc/Scannow will replace corrupted files and at the same time save them with a cached copy in compressed folder at WinDir and System32/dllcache folders.

How To Use SFC Scannow on Windows 10/7/8/ – System File Checker in Windows 10

System filer checker is an effective way to scan your system files and get rid of corrupted files easily. So, read the below step by step guide to initiate the SFC Scannow process on windows OS.

  • First you will have to open your Windows laptop or desktop
  • Then open the command prompt, by right click over Start button
  • After that you need to enter “sfc /Scannow” and press enter to continue
  • Now the SFC Scannow will begin and will start scanning immediately!

Now once you have started the SFC Scannow on Windows 10, then you might be wondering how long does this process will work. So, it takes around almost 45 minutes to do a complete SFC Scannow, using the command code sfc/Scannow. Well for some people 45 minutes might be a lot but it is an effective utility tool and it requires a little bit of time to complete the scanning.


Once the scanning is done, then you can restart your computer once and you can start using it like before. I guess this scan will help improve your Windows speed and also get rid of system files that are corrupted.

If you have any feedback or query regarding the above guide then let us know it below in comments section.

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