Huawei 10 Release Date, Features and Specifications 2017

Huawei P10 Release Date: Huawei as a Smartphone brand has emerged as one of the leading Smartphone brand in the world and at this year MWC they were fabulous. They have announced to launch their latest flagship device Huawei P10 which looks really neat and well made but is it worth the price tag of $650. This brand has always offered phones that are well made in design and at the same time they have robust specifications. But today we are going to review the Huawei P10 Android phone and find for our self that is it worth buying?

The design of Huawei P10 is really smooth on the elongated curved edges while the screen has 5.1 inch size that is handy to use. If you are color fan then its good news because this time Huawei is offering 8 different colors which we can select from. The back panel has great texture that can help you hold your fingers and move them across which makes the holding perfect. The texture finish does not hold smudges or fingerprint marks on the back which gives the device a neat look. We have the fingerprint on the front of the device, we can even use it take selfie with a single click.

Huawei 10 Release Date, Features and Specifications 2017

Huawei P10 Features, Specifications and more 2017

It offers 1920*1080 screen resolution, with a 432ppi pixel resolution enclosed by metallic body all round the phone. We will have the Android version 7.0 Nougat running on this Smartphone, so we are practically getting the latest Android version which is good under the software part. The CPU offered is HiSilicon Krilin 960 and GPU is Mali-G71 MP8, both of the hardware parts are excellent and offer better performance. Along with so many strong hardware components we also have 4GB RAM, which helps a lot with better gaming and device performance.

Under the storage point of view we get 32/64GB variants that might differ hardly $50, but I would prefer taking the 64GB variant as it can hold more storage at the end of the day. It only differs $50-$100 which should not be such a huge problem, because when you are ready to spend $650 then spending $50 more won’t affect much. The rear and front camera are 20MP+12MP and 8MP respectively, while the rear has flashlight and both the cameras have different camera sensors, features and more. It offers dual rear camera while the two are 20MP and 12MP respectively which would give perfect picture quality.

Huawei P10 Release Date and SIM information

Huawei has made a great impact on the MWC 2017 with their flagship device which has amazed so many fans across the globe. And now everyone is wondering when will it be released, so the question remains the same that what is Huawei P10 release date? So the phone might be released somewhere in the second or third quarter of the year, but not any sooner.

Well there are single and dual SIM variants in the Huawei P10 Smartphone, which are offered in some regions only. But after few months of the release of the phone we might be able to get the dual SIM device anywhere online with ease


Huawei P10 is one absolute Smartphone that is packed with robust configurations that will help you boost your work as the phone works fast and swift. It has lots of good specifications that make it more than a Android phone with just a high range price tag. I think if you are looking to spend around more than $500 then I would you should pick this Smartphone because it is filled with great specs and con work effectively.

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